Back in the early 2010s, Eiza González was under the fire for having plastic surgery.

According to Us Weekly, the Baby Driver star admitted getting a nose job during an interview for the show Hoy. She also revealed that she had no medical reason for the procedure.

"...she said she just didn't like the way she looked," the outlet noted.

And because of that, netizens started bashing her on the internet with numerous trolls on her before and after surgery looks.

Trolls Related to Eiza González's Plastic Surgery

González, who dated actor Liam Hemsworth around 2013, was massively accused of being "addicted to plastic surgery."


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The backlash went to a level where people started comparing her with her then-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

"At least Miley has natural beauty, unlike Eiza Gonzalez, who was born in the plastic surgeon's clinic!" a user on Twitter wrote.

Another critiqued, "Eiza Gonzalez goes into surgery like a fat person with a sausage sandwich."

"For everyone who misses Michael Jackson, just remember that Eiza Gonzalez is one procedure away from looking like him," another tweet read.

Besides, speaking with Hollywood Life, surgeons Yael Halaas and Dr. Marina Peredo noted that González had more work done than just her nose.

Dr. Halaas even shared that her jawline seemed less square and wide compared to her looks a few years earlier. As per him, that could be the result of Botox.

Eiza González's Answer to Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

In the wake of the situation, the actress took to Twitter in 2012 to address the people criticizing her looks.

"The truth is, it's such a shame that they make up such things, they have a lot of imagination," the Bloodshot actress wrote, clarifying the speculations of her undergoing massive plastic surgery were false.

Eiza González, who often gets trolled for her plastic surgery, flaunting her looks at Met Gala 2021.

Eiza González flaunting her looks at Met Gala 2021. (Photo: Instagram)

She continued to write, "Tomorrow they're going to say that I got liposuction!"

Not only that, but González also admitted to getting a nose job in the past. However, she said it was the only time she had ever been under the knife.

She then asked people to inquire her plastic surgeon López Infante if he had done anything else to her.

"I'm not going to talk about this again! Whoever wants to believe that I've changed my face, whatever! I'm content and happy, kisses!" she exclaimed.

The actress later ended her words by saying that people spread rumors of her cosmetic surgery because she was focused on her work and didn't give people anything to make fun of her.

Some Fans Support Eiza González's before and after Looks

Even though some fans criticized González and spread baseless rumors about her transformation, there were [and still are] a few fans who supported the actress.

For instance, a Twitter user on May 26, 2020, shared a before and after picture of González and praised the surgeon who performed cosmetic surgery on her.

A collage of Eiza González's before and after picture.

A collage of Eiza González's before and after picture. (Photo: Twitter)

The tweet read, "Whoever did Eiza Gonzalez's plastic surgery should get a raise."

Likewise, a fangirl in her August 20, 2021, tweet expressed, "i need eiza gonzalez's plastic surgery transformation [sic]."

Back in 2013, too, someone bashed the netizens for criticizing González for doing her nose job while pointing out that many celebrities had more surgery than hers.