Edgar Hansen rose to prominence with his appearance in the reality TV series Deadliest Catch. The program featured his journey as a crab fisher, an engineer, deck boss, and relief captain in the Bearing Sea, fulfilling his role as a right-hand man for his older brother, Sig Hansen.

As his professional ventures garnered attention, his personal life also became a topic of curiosity. And people came to know that he was a married man with multiple children. But is he still together with his family? Here's what we know!

Edgar Hansen Has Three Children

Hansen tied the knot with Louise Hansen. That being said, the details of their wedding and marriage have been kept under wraps.

It is a known fact that the reality TV star is a father of three kids. He and his wife have a daughter named Stephanie and two sons named Logan and Erik.

Edgar Hansen's kids Erik, Logan, and Stephanie.

Edgar Hansen's three kids: Erik, Logan, and Stephanie, in April 2015. (Photo: Edgar Hansen's Facebook)

Although Hansen made a career out of fishing with his seafaring family, he once said that he wouldn't want his children, especially his sons, to follow in his footsteps. Instead, he expressed he wanted them to stay home and be with their families. "I don't want this life for them," the 50-year-old added. 

Is Edgar Hansen Still Married?

In early 2018, Hansen got embroiled in a scandal after reports of him molesting a 16-year-old girl in September 2017 surfaced out. The teenager had confessed the assault to her therapist, and all fingers pointed at Hansen. 

Following a brief investigation, Hansen pleaded guilty through a written confession, where he admitted to touching and kissing the girl inappropriately for his gratification. He apologized to the victim and reached a plea deal with Snohomish County prosecutors. 

According to the reports obtained by Seattle Times on July 16, 2018, Hansen received a 364-day suspended jail sentence and had to pay court fines and fees of $1,653.

In addition, he had to take a sexual-deviancy evaluation and treatment. "I have commenced treatment to ensure that nothing like this assault ever happens again," Hansen had stated after initiating therapy.

In the wake of his appalling deed, Hansen stopped appearing on Deadliest Catch. The show's last episode featuring him aired in August 2018. While the scandal dented his career, it also made the show's loyal fans wonder if it hampered his relationship with his wife. 

Sadly, neither Hansen and his wife have come forward to confront the queries. Also, the Seattle native has erased all social media presence, with no Instagram and Twitter. In addition, he is inactive on Facebook, the platform where he last mentioned his family was on December 12, 2015. 

He had posted a gallery of pictures with his family members, stating they had enjoyed the day of skiing at Mt. Baker.