SPOILER WARNING: Plot and ending details for American Horror Stories, ‘Game Over’ and AHS: Murder House follows.

Dylan McDermott is an actor who is best known for his portrayal of Bobby Donnell, a lawyer in the legal drama series The Practice. He is also known for the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story (AHS).

McDermott has played the role of four characters in four different seasons on the show. However, the most famous role he played was that of Ben Harmon in AHS: Murder House. 

'AHS: Murder House' X 'Game Over'

AHS: Murder House first aired in 2011, and both the show and McDermott's performance were critically acclaimed. The series revolves around the Harmon family, including Vivien, her psychiatrist husband Ben, and their adolescent daughter Violet.

Following Vivien's miscarriage, the Harmons moved to Los Angeles to start afresh. They move into an infamous haunted house that consists of spirits that are never truly dead.

After a series of misfortunate events, the Harmons suffer a terrible end in the haunted home. Unfortunately, all of them are stuck in the house forever. 

McDermott reprised the role of Ben ten years after AHS: Murder House initially aired. In the appropriately named final episode 'Game Over,' of AHS's spinoff American Horror Stories, the actor said goodbye to Ben forever.

The finale of American Horror Stories was a video game-centered episode and ended with a bang. It was a throwback to the first season of AHS, and Jamie Brewer reprised her role as Adelaide “Addie” Langdon alongside McDermott. 

The actor portrayed two versions of Ben in 'Game Over.' The first was a version of himself when two strangers visit the notorious Murder House in what turns out to be a computer game.

The second version was the ghost of Ben that fans remember from the finale of AHS: Murder House. At the end of 'Game Over,' the infamous house is burned down, and the spirits of the place are relieved. 

As a result, the land is purified, and most ghosts are gone forever — including Ben. However, the episode ends with a twist, so the ending is open for interpretation. 

Dylan McDermott Said Goodbye to Dr. Ben Harmon

On August 19, 2021, McDermott talked with ET Online about returning to the AHS universe and reprising his role as Ben. Unfortunately, 'Game Over' was full of layers that were a little difficult to navigate. 

McDermott felt the same way, so he had to "keep it simple" to track the situation. He played to the reality since he could not think about being in a video game.

Additionally, the costume he wore as Ben was the same as AHS: Murder House. So, it was like a feat for the actor since he could still fit in the same wardrobe. 

However, the thing he is the proudest of is "passing the torch" to newcomers. Since McDermott was the first one in the universe, many new stars have entered the world of AHS in the past ten years. 

He enjoyed working with the cast of American Horror Stories, mostly Mercedes Mason, with who he shared the most screen time. One particular scene he loved the most was when Ben reflected on his time in the haunted house. 

McDermott told the tabloid he enjoyed the writing since there was "something complex" about it. 'Game Over' presumably put an end to the AHS: Murder House's story, so that means Ben's as well.

The actor believes his character has been tortured enough since all Ben does is spending the entire day drinking and smoking in an attempt to find some solace.

So, if the fire consumed the house, it has liberated his spirit. He also stated that Ben's soul departing would be beneficial to him.

However, the actor teased that maybe the house getting burned was simply a video game. So, Ben's soul might still be alive after all - nobody knows.