DrLupo, or Ben Lupo, has been a huge name in the online gaming and streaming community for a while now. He first rose to considerable fame in 2018 in tandem with Fortnite.

Since then, he became a Twitch mainstay. And in the years that he’s called Twitch his streaming home, he built a fanbase with more than 4.5 million followers.

But now, he’s moving on from Twitch. And the new destination for his content is YouTube.

YouTube’s New Deal Sets DrLupo For Life

Lupo had his eyes set on bigger and better days from a long time ago. In 2019, he admitted he would grow weary of the constant changes that dictated his streams on Twitch, whether that be sponsorship deals or games’ popularity.

Along with that, he also wanted to spend more time with his son Charlie and wife, who goes by MrsDrLupo on Twitter. He wanted to go places and see things as time passed.

And now, with a new YouTube-exclusive streaming deal, he can do all that and more.

This deal will give him the freedom to indulge in activities other than streaming. There will be reduced streaming pressure and more time to take care of his mental health.

This freedom comes from the money YouTube is offering him. The specific details of the contract are yet to be disclosed, but Lupo admitted to The Washington Post that the deal would set him up for life.

Everybody’s just trying to secure the bag, right? There’s no shame in that. That’s literally why everybody gets up and goes to work, right? So of course, the financial situation that YouTube presented me without a doubt is like, you know, I’m secure for life. Everybody’s trying to get to that point. Why would I say no to that?

DrLupo Accepts The Risk Of Lower Viewership Than Twitch

It’s not like Lupo is starting brand new on YouTube. The gamer already has 1.75 million subscribers on the platform, built through his gaming VODs.

But, he is bound to lose some followers because of the transition. According to data collected by The Verge, Twitch still dwarfs YouTube Gaming and Facebook Live in terms of viewership numbers.

Twitch boasts almost around 3/4th of the total number of hours watched in streams among these three platforms. On the other hand, YouTube only holds around 15.6 percent of the equation.

But Lupo doesn’t want to focus just on video games now. He has a good chance at diversifying his content now that he’s on YouTube. Unfortunately, twitch isn’t really a good place for that.

He revealed during the interview that he was going to focus a lot more on pre-recorded and produced content while also keeping his streams and gaming content intact.

Vlogs of trips he takes with his family, behind-the-scenes stuff, and content that other dads like him on the internet aren’t creating, all are on the table.

Rather than just money, Lupo sees a chance to grow on YouTube and spend a lot more time with his family than he did before. For a family man, this is a win-win situation.

He began his time on YouTube on August 31, 2021, playing Escape from Tarkov and Apex Legends in his first stream. But, more than gaming streams, everyone’s excited to see what newness he brings to his migrated and new fans on YouTube.