The highly anticipated new season of Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things, premiered on May 27, 2022. And like in previous seasons, audiences were introduced to new cast members. 

Out of all the new actors, breakout star Joseph Quinn, who starred as Eddie Munson, seemed to have caught everyone’s attention, thanks to his character arc, acting skill, and Doja Cat

Just days after the premiere of season four, Doja tweeted, “Joseph Quinn fine as [expletive].”

The internet seemed to agree with her. Many shared clips of Quinn as Munson and replied to her tweet, echoing the same sentiment. 


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But it turns out the singer was more than just appreciative of Quinn. She asked Quinn’s co-star Noah Schnapp to set her up with Quinn.

And netizens learned about her feelings when Schnapp leaked her messages on the internet. Unfortunately, the ‘Get Into It’ singer was not impressed with Schnapp and ignited a beef.

Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp Beef

The drama started after Schnapp,17, posted a screenshot of private text messages between him and Doja in a since-deleted TikTok video.

In the messages, the songstress asked, “Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu [hit me up]. wait, no, does he have a gf [girlfriend]?” 

Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp internet beef

Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp internet beef. (Source: Instagram)

Schnapp encouraged her to “slide into his DMs,” to which Doja responded by saying she didn’t know Quinn’s Instagram or Twitter and was unsure if he even had a DM to slide into. Quinn had previously revealed that his exposure to social media was limited and his friend managed his Instagram. 

The Stranger Things star, embracing his wingman role, sent her Quinn’s Instagram, writing, “Right here ma’am.”

As soon as their conversation became public, Doja could not take Schnapp’s reshares lightly and called him out during her Instagram live. She started the stream trying to be chill about the matter, but things got heated towards the end.

“The fact that this person, that Noah did that … is so unbelievably socially unaware and wack. Like, that’s borderline snake shit. That’s, like, weasel shit,” snapped the singer.

She noted she thought Schnapp might be chill about the whole incident but was shocked and uncomfortable when he shared their messages. She also acknowledged Schnapp was a kid, and that young people made mistakes. 

Doja Cat Responded to Criticism and Lost Followers

While some fans sided with the singer, many seemed bothered that she reached out to a minor for matchmaking help. 


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“You could also say she is unbelievably socially unaware by asking him (he’s 17, she’s 26) to set her up with a who she could’ve easily found on Instagram in 5 seconds,” one user wrote. 

“I thought the exchange between Doja and Noah was cute, but the way she is reacting is just annoying. He is 17. If you don’t like it, tell him kindly to take it down. The way she reacts to things publicly is just so…ew,” another wrote.

Obviously, a huge number of fans were disappointed with Doja and didn't hold their backlashes back. Amidst the criticism, Doja seemingly responded to the hate. 

On July 8, 2022, she posted a tweet, possibly addressing Schnapp's supporters, "y'all are so cringe and lame and nobody wants to hang w u that’s why y’all be on here unironically writing replies to s*** that makes you mad."

But her response somehow backfired, and she lost about 200,000 followers on Instagram according to Socialblade. 

Noah Schnapp Addressed the Beef — 'Everything Is Good'

While Doja remained at the receiving end of criticisms, Schnapp finally broke his silence and addressed the spat in a TikTok video dated July 13. 

"Guys everything is all good," he captioned the video where he could be seen doing maths. Then, clarifying what was happening, he revealed he had apologized to Doja. "I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings," he added. 

Probably to prove he had no hard feelings toward her, he even used Doja's 'Kiss Me More' in the video. As of this writing, Doja is yet to confirm if they really have no bad blood between them.