Actor and rapper Doc Shaw, whose full name is Larramie Cortez Shaw, is renowned for his roles as Malik Payne in Tyler Perry's House of Payne, King Boomer in Pair of Kings, and Marcus Little in The Suite Life on Deck.

The said shows that were initially released in the late 2000s saw Shaw on the chubby side. But in the years that followed the end of the shows, a lot changed for the talented actor, including shedding some weight. In addition, the actor limited his media appearances, matured as an actor, and focused on his health.

Doc Shaw's Good Habits Helped Him Achieve Weight Loss

During an appearance on NBC's 6 in the Mix in 2014, Shaw talked about his weight loss journey and how that helped him as an actor.

"How much weight did you lose?" the host asked him, to which he responded with, "I lost about 60 to 65 pounds [weight] in a year and half."

The actor further shared that he first changed his diet, opted to have fresh juice for breakfast and dinner, and replaced his meals with protein bars. In addition, he admitted to becoming more active by becoming an outdoor person rather than staying indoors and playing video games all day.

Shaw also said that many kids were no longer going outside to the parks or played basketball and football with friends to stay active. Saying that, he suggested others, especially young people, go outside, enjoy the environment, and try to be active.

The Actor's History With Diabetes and Bullying

In the interview, the Pair of Kings star shared that his family's history with diabetes and obesity inspired him to lose some weight. He implied he didn't want to go through significant health issues in his life just because he was not conscious of his body's health.

Shaw admitted a victim of bullying was another reason that triggered him to get on the fitness journey. He revealed many people gave him funny names and body-shamed him.

"That was one of the catalysts for me making these changes well. Just having to deal with that because there are so many scars that you deal with as a child, from being bullied, and it never go away," he said while stating all he could have done to answer them back was "lose weight."

Utilizing Internet For Healthier Lifestyle

Shaw, an inspiration for many looking to attain a healthy lifestyle, regularly attends seminars and events to help share his story with young people. While doing that, he talked to a group in 2019, where he encouraged youths to take advantage of the internet and utilize it in their hunt for a healthier lifestyle.

He said he never spent money on a personal trainer because he learned most of his workouts and picked up diet recipes from YouTube.

Shaw has indeed come a long way — from being someone who struggled with self-confidence as a child to helping others gain confidence about themselves; he has matured as a person.