Discovery's reality series Naked And Afraid has been a hit since its premiere on June 23, 2013.

The show revolves around teams — consisting of two strangers, one man and a woman — and their journey to last 21 days in an unknown wilderness. The strangers have to tackle several physical challenges to protect themselves in the wildland and then confront the pressures of fear and loneliness. 

Here are the five facts you need to know about the exciting docuseries. 

Being Naked Is Not Just a Gimmick  

Followers of the show would know that every team member of the series meets in their birthday suit. All teams are deprived of clothes, food, and also water. 

While many people might take nakedness as a publicity tactic of the show, the truth is far from that. Instead, it is a scientifically thought step to make the challenges have the natural feel of wilderness, just like how Adams and Eve would have progressed from the adversities. 

Hence, nakedness is a part of the survivalist situation, for clothes bear a tremendous sense of protection in human beings. Depriving them of clothes would mean more exposure to harm and more challenges for the participants.

Do the Contestants Get Paid?

The Naked and Afraid contestants have no financial drive because there are no prizes for the winner who completes the challenge. 

Obviously, the survival experts have to put their mental and physical health at risk, given the challenges could even turn fatal in the wild. But they will not gain financial rewards. Instead, they will earn pride and a sense of accomplishment as a benefit.

That being said, the series is entirely voluntary. After passing the screening of physical and mental capabilities, the contestants are ready to participate. But they can exit the game any time they want. 

Though there are no prizes at the end, all contestants are given a compensation of at least $5000 as per 2014's contestant rules. And they are also paid for their flights to arrive at the challenge location. 

Are the Contestants Really Out in the Middle of Nowhere?

Naked and Afraid is filmed in forests, deserts, or any other hostile locations in Australia, Croatia, Canada, or other foreign places. Though the filming depicts contestants surviving in the middle of nowhere, they are not always far away from habituated areas. 

Many times, the sounds of vehicles, music, and people have been heard in the show. That being said, they still have to fight the dangers as they spend days and nights in the inhospitable regions. 

Is ‘Naked and Afraid’ Scripted?

Though the producers have never admitted to the show being scripted, many claim otherwise. The creators are reported to inject drama as much as possible into the storyline. 

One contestant Shane Lewis disclosed that the show goes for Hollywood treatment. Likewise, Canadian filmmaker and survivalist Les Stroud denied being a part of the show stating that the program was fake.  

A Spin-off Series Is On Its Way

The 12th season of the Naked and Afraid ended on April 22, 2021. Now the show's season 13 will air on Discovery from August 1, 2021. 

Interestingly, the show got a new season and also a spin-off titled Naked and Afraid of Love. The revised series is set to air on Discovery from August 22, 2021.

It will feature sixteen naked strangers — eight women, and eight men — ready to fight for survival and love.