It looks like some people in the MMA world feel a certain type of way about Dillon Danis’ mom. 

In 2018, Danis made his MMA debut under the promotional banner of Bellator 198.

He faced off against Kyle Walker and earned a swift victory. After that, he took part in his second fight in 2019.

However, he has been out of action since then, but that does not mean the MMA fighter has faded into obscurity.

Although many have raised questions about his commitment to his MMA career, UFC superstar Conor McGregor could care less. 


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Danis, a black belt in jiu-jitsu since 2015, got a call back from McGregor to train with his team.

He presumably shared his knowledge with McGregor to strengthen the Irishman’s ground game. 

And with McGregor on his side, Danis has since been openly feuding with the rest of the MMA world and those who have shaded him for his relationship with The Notorious.

His online antics have unexpectedly dragged his mother into his messy beefs. 

Dillon Danis’ Mom Dragged in a Feud

In 2018, Danis uploaded a photo with his mom in honor of Mothers’ Day, which has since been deleted.

But the sweet post blew up and garnered attention in the wrong way because of his arch-nemesis and MMA fighter Jake Shields

Shields posted a link to Danis’ Instagram post on his Twitter and wrote, “Dillon Danis Has The Hottest Mom in Mixed Martial Arts.”

The post resulted in a lot of crude responses from users. 

Dillon Danis and his mom

Dillon Danis with his mom (Source: Nikki Enamorado Danis' Instagram)

One user wrote rather disrespectfully that McGregor and Danis’ mother might have already been in some sort of physical relationship.

Danis did not respond to Shields’ online stunt. 

But the feud was far from over. The two faced off again, but this time, within the octagon at Submission Underground 4 match.

Although Shields beat Danis, Danis did not accept defeat and took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction at his loss.

Using a photo where he had Shields in a neck grip, he wrote “hugging my son.”

Shields, who was not having it, responded with, “I’m actually old enough to be your dad and still easily beat you at your own sport.”

Dillon Danis’ Mom Dragged in Another Feud


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Unfortunately, this is not the only time Danis’ mother has been dragged into his feud. Jake Paul also mentioned her when he was feuding with the MMA fighter.

The popular YouTube- turned-boxer escalated his beef with Danis when he revealed personal details about him.

Paul claimed that Danis' girlfriend had broken up with him because he had gotten a girl pregnant. 

And to get him to agree to fight Paul, he had offered Danis a considerable amount of money so he could afford child support payments.

But instead of agreeing, Danis had left Paul on read. Paul then criticized Danis. 

“Hey, Dillon, if you want to live in your mom’s apartment forever, duck the fight,” said Paul. 

Given how ugly Twitter beefs are critical in MMA games, it looks like the MMA world will not stop involving Danis’ mother in his feuds.