David Suchet and his wife, Sheila Ferris, have been married for forty-six years. They met each other while working in a theater company. They married in 1976.

Agatha Christie's Poirot actor credited his partner for his successful career. He said her unwavering support had been the biggest motivation for him.

The actor recalled the first time he saw his spouse; he was flattered by her beauty, and instantly fell in love with her. He said it was "love at first sight."

His spouse was also an actress known for her parts in Graham's Gang, The House of Elliot, and Yes Minister.

David Suchet and His Wife on a New Challenge 

Along their love journey, the couple expanded their family and gave birth to two children. He and his partner have been together forever now, and they do most things together. 

The duo has been into personal fitness to keep themselves fit amidst their growing age.

Their son Robert is a personal fitness trainer, and he helps his parents through their fitness journey, as the actor is now extremely serious about his health.

David Suchet and his wife Sheila Ferris

David Suchet and his wife, Sheila Ferris. (Source: Twitter)

The actor said he wants to be fit to add ten more years of his life as an actor.

Suchet added, he wanted to live long to see their grandchildren grow and wanted them to remember him with fondness.

According to The Irish News, he and his partner encouraged each other along their fitness journey. They hit the gym together, stretch out in the morning and eat a healthy diet.

The Executive Decision actor said he meditated with his partner most mornings, and it was the best way to start his day. Apparently, it keeps him calm and makes him more connected to her. 

David Suchet Credits His Wife for His Success

David Suchet and his partner have adored each other for the past forty-six years, and they said they want to grow old together gracefully and embrace every moment together.

He said he was the luckiest man on the planet to have Ferris by his side in every step of his life.

According to NZ Herald, Suchet said his partner gave up theatre and built their family.

"She never said no to anything and supported every character and movie I had to play as an actor," he said.

The actor said he wanted to spend time with his wife as he had done plenty of work in the past.

He wouldn't want to work day and night and miss a chance to be with his family. 

Every time someone asks him about his career, he mentions his partner.

He said she allowed him to be who he is today. He expressed his gratitude and said she gave him the "busy" career everybody mentions.