Actor and singer Daveed Diggs and Broadway actor Taye Diggs are often associated with each other as brothers. However, some fans question if they are related, while others assume the two to be blood brothers. 

They both are into performing arts and have made a career out of it. First, the similarity of their surname, and second, being in the same profession, has led to people relating them to each other often. 

So, it is only natural for fans to assume if Daveed and Taye are like other famous siblings, namely the Baldwin brothers or the Olsen Sisters. However, they have different family roots, and Daveed is not a brother to Taye. 

Daveed Diggs and Taye Diggs Have Different Family Roots

Daveed was born in Oakland, California, on January 24, 1982, as the son of Barbara Diggs and Dountes Diggs. His mom has a background in social work, while his father is an experienced bus driver. 

Daveed's mother belongs to Russian Jewish heritage, and his father, Dountes, is an African-American.


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Given actor Daveed's belongingness to a heritage of mixed races, he embraced both of his parents' cultures while growing up in his household. However, the actor did not have a Bar Mitzvah (a coming-of-age ceremony for Jewish boys aged 12 or 13). 

Per a report by The List, Daveed's name is the English phonetic spelling of the Hebrew name David, which means "beloved." 

In the same light, actor Taye, formally known as Scott Leo "Taye" Diggs, was born on January 2, 1971, in Newark, New Jersey, to his parents Andre Young and Marcia Berry. He was brought up in New York and attended the School of the Arts in Rochester at a young age. 

He is the eldest child of his biological parents and a brother to his four siblings.

Based on another report by The List, Taye has artistic roots in his family. Apart from her career as a teacher, Taye's mother Berry used to be an actress while his father Young is engaged in the entertainment industry as a visual artist. 


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But unfortunately, the actor doesn't have real knowledge of his biological father as Taye's mother, Berry, moved to New York while the actor was "three or four years old" after her split with her former husband.

A Look into Their Siblings

Taye opted for his surname Diggs after his mother married his stepfather Jeffries Diggs while in New York.

Out of his four siblings, his two brothers, Gabriel and Michael, are into music, while one of his sisters, Shalom, is a ballroom dancer. Taye's youngest sibling, Christian, is a college student studying to become a veterinarian. 

Taye's brother Gabriel is a professional DJ, while the exact details regarding his brother Michael are not known. 


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Actor-singer Daveed has a brother named Malcolm Diggs, whom he mentioned during his acceptance speech after receiving a Tony Awards for his work in the musical Hamilton.

Earlier in 2015, Daveed has mentioned Malcolm's name in one of his tweets. His brother Malcolm is a fashion designer who regularly posts pictures related to his work on his Instagram.

The speech he gave in 2016 is even more noteworthy because while Daveed mentioned his family members and friends, including his parents and brother, the actor did not mention Taye's name!