Taye Diggs recently opened up about the emotional challenges of parenting and dating during the ongoing pandemic.

Diggs holds shared custody of his 11-year-old son, Walker, with his ex-wife, Idina Menzel. The two of them were married for a decade before filing for divorce in 2014.

Since then, Menzel has moved on and is married to actor Aaron Lohr, her co-star in the film version of Rent.

Diggs, though, is currently single. In an interview with Access Daily, Diggs was asked why he isn't dating anyone now. He said:

 I'll be honest, there are times when I feel lonely just because there is so much going on and it would be great to have someone to discuss stuff with outside of my son. But when I think about that whole romantic dynamic, it's just too much. 

Diggs also spoke about the unique relationship he has with his son. He said he is always excited to see Walker and that they are very close.

He candidly mentioned that the two often go for midnight swims and have intimate conversations in the pool.

The Broadway star was also quick to express gratitude and admiration for his former partner Menzel as he has done before.

Although they are on friendly terms, Menzel did not comment on Diggs and maintained that raising her son was her top and only priority.

She did, however, admit that "You have a lot of regret with a child, feeling like you're failing them in some way and not giving them the idealistic scenario."

Diggs' Recent Relationships

Shortly after his divorce, Diggs dated model Amanza Smith. They started dating five months after Diggs' separation and dated for five years before parting in 2018.

Speaking to People magazine at the time, Diggs revealed that his son did not want him to have a girlfriend.  

Smith, on her part, felt their relationship was destined to fail.

She said, "I was the first person he'd been with after her. If you're the first relationship someone has fresh out of a divorce, it's probably never going to work. We're better friends." 

The model also admitted Diggs took good care of her and that he helped her pay child support even though he wasn't by any means obligated.  

Appearance on the Celebrity Dating Game

Diggs has been single since he broke up with Smith but recently participated on ABC's Celebrity Dating Game. 

The actor endured an awkward moment when one of the contestants, Arielle Caputo, figured out Diggs was the celebrity of the night after only one round of guessing.

When asked by host Zooey Deschanel how Diggs knew Caputo, he simply replied, "It's a long story." 

At the end of the show, Diggs disregarded his acquaintance and chose instead to go on a date with another contestant, Javin Hope. 

Project with Playboy

Diggs is set to feature in a new and exclusive podcast series Playboy Interview alongside a host of stars including, Gael Garcia Bernal and Maya Hawke.

The stars will portray famous historical figures, with Diggs set to portray Muhammad Ali.