Three-time world champion Danny Garcia made himself known through his extraordinary fighting prowess in boxing rings. Since debuting against Mike Denby on November 17. 2007, the professional boxer held the lineal light-welterweight titles from 2012 to 2015. 

To top it off, he even won the WBC welterweight title in 2016. Given his undeniable success in his career spanning 14 years, Garcia has undoubtedly lived the best life in the world in the boxing realm. 

And his personal life is also no less. He is enjoying parenthood with his long-time girlfriend, Erica Mendez.

Danny Garcia and Girlfriend Welcomed Daughter in 2015

It's uncertain when Garcia and Mendez started dating, but it is safe to say that they have been together since 2015. The long-time partners welcomed their first child — daughter, Philly Swift Gracia (6) — on August 15, 2015. 

Mendez shared the details of her daughter's birth and her pregnancy through her Instagram posts.

"My baby girl was born at 6:03 AM this morning," she announced in one update after her daughter's birth. The new mother clarified she had a troublesome time delivering the baby girl, for she had to be in labor for 47 long hours. 

As per her accounts, she and her partner had decided to have their child through home birth. But as the condition didn't progress even after 24 hours of labor, they finally went to the hospital, following their midwife's advice.  

Mendez tolerated the labor for 23 more hours in the hospital. After that, however, the situation only degraded as she suffered from preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication that affects other body organs such as kidneys and liver because of high blood pressure.

Considering the complications, doctors advised her to have a C-section procedure, and Mendez obliged, although she wanted a normal birth. In the Instagram post, she mentioned she had to what was best for her and her family. 

Mendez also shared that her daughter was perfectly healthy and beautiful. "It's so weird looking at her because she looks just like me," she added at the end of the lengthy write-up.

About Danny Garcia's Girlfriend Erica Mendez

Garcia's wife-like partner is an aspiring entertainer and a singer. According to Heavy, Mendez started singing at an early age and won many regional vocal competitions.

Following her passion, she studied classical music at The Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts and later attended East Stroudsburg University to be an opera singer.

The Philadelphia native created her interpretation of the National Anthem and sang it to 16,000 people during an opening of a boxing competition at Brooklyn's Barclay Center in 2012. She also sang The Star-Spangled Banner at a Philadelphia Phillies game in front of 44,000 fans.

And that isn't all. Mendez landed opening gigs for musical artists like Aretha Franklin, Arcangel, Tonio Rosario, Aventura, Tego Calderon, Michael Stuart, and Alicia Keys

Besides being a singer, Garcia is also a model and a fashionista. She also runs The Erica's, a beauty company that provides Botox-based services.

Danny Garcia's Daughter Took after His Girlfriend

Garcia's daughter has followed in the footsteps of her mother. She is only six as of this time of writing, but she has already stepped foot into modeling.

The young Gracia has modeled for Nova Kids, FashionNova's clothing collection for kids. And as apparent in her parent's Instagram, Philly also models for her family's clothing store, DSG. 

Without question, the 6-year-old has made her parents proud.

Mendez even shared her pride in having Philly as her daughter through an Instagram post dated April 24, 2020. She stated she had the best daughter in the world and reiterated that she loved her very much.