Trigger Warning: The content includes references to topics such as sexual assault. Reach out to the National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673 

Danny Duncan has been embroiled in controversy since his former employee and YouTuber Aaron Hall accused him of inflicting physical abuse in December 2021. 

Hall admitted Duncan helped him move from Ohio to Los Angeles when he was homeless, but the trouble started after that aid. 

The famed YouTuber allegedly forced Hall to sign a 10-year contract and unfollow his other friends.

In addition, Hall exposed Duncan to behaving badly with him, inflicting serious wounds even while playfully wrestling and scolding him. 

While Duncan refuted all allegations through damning evidence in his YouTube video dated December 7, 2021, it is yet to see how he will defend himself in the newly surfaced grooming allegations against him. 

Danny Duncan Accused of Grooming Minors

On December 9, 2021, a girl named Eva uploaded a YouTube video, claiming she was a victim of sexual misconduct from Duncan. 

At the beginning of the video, the 19-year-old clarified she didn't make the clip for money or "clout."

She stated Duncan had hurt many people, and she hoped her coming out would help them feel safer or prevent similar instances from happening. 

Then the alleged victim detailed what happened between her and the YouTuber. 

Danny Duncan's alleged grooming victim Eva.

Danny Duncan's alleged victim Eva. (Photo: YouTube)

As per her accounts, Eva started talking to Duncan in September 2016, when he was 24, and she was only 14. She was a huge fan of his and had messaged him on Snapchat without expecting a response. 

He replied, to her surprise, and they started talking almost every day from then. Within some months, he started asking for nude pictures, and she sent them under pressure. 

He even forced her to meet him, and Eva admittedly made reasons to stay away.

But taking benefit of her innocence, Duncan would allegedly make her feel bad and guilty, questioning her if she was even into him. 

When push came to shove, Eva agreed to meet him in August 2018. Duncan repeatedly reminded her not to flake, mentioning the traveling cost and all. 

Eva was nervous and not in a sound mental condition. As a result, she harmed herself and got hospitalized for a week. 

To her dismay, when she contacted Duncan after returning home, he wasn't worried about her health. Instead, he got mad that he couldn't meet her.  

He started taunting her for flaking since then. But Eva was admittedly in love and thought she would marry him one day. So she called him to meet again in January 2019.

This time, they met and had their first physical intimacy. Eva was only 16, while Duncan was 26. Their relationship continued on the down-low. 

During that time, Duncan even helped Eva financially with her family issues. He reportedly gave her $1200, and Eva remarked she wasn't grateful for his aid.

Instead, she opined he gave her the money to remain silent about their illegal relationship.  

Underage Victims Speak against Danny Duncan

After sharing details about her alleged relationship with Duncan, Eva appeared in an interview with Keemstar on his YouTube channel DramaAlert. 

She confirmed Duncan knew about her being underage before things escalated and clarified they stopped talking in early 2020. 

Eva mentioned she didn't have text messages to prove her claims, disclosing they only chatted through Snapchat.

Nevertheless, she stated she had friends who could testify for the allegations against Duncan. 

She also noted that she had tried to order a police investigation but said she had no money to go through those legalities. 

Soon after Eva's shocking allegations, other underage victims also offered their harrowing experiences to Keemstar

A girl named Gigi reported her allegations to Keemstar that Duncan had approached her after meeting her in concert.

Duncan reportedly knew she was only 17, yet he continued talking to her on Snapchat and even exchanged explicit pictures back and forth. 

Keemstar(left) and Duncan and Gigi.

Keemstar(left) and Duncan and Gigi. (Photo: YouTube) 

Gigi filed a police report in Chicago, but they decided not to create it because the age of consent in the city was 17. 

Another alleged victim named Diana also gave an interview to Keemstar on December 14, 2021. Diana exposed Duncan of reaching out to her through Twitter and eventually through Snapchat. 

Immediately after the introduction, Diana had told Duncan that she was a minor, a 17-year-old. But Duncan kept on approaching, and the two became quite close, hooking up and sending nudes back and forth. 

Diana claimed to have filed a police report on July 1, 2021. She also mentioned the court was trying to get a district attorney for her, but nothing substantial was going on. 

The fourth alleged victim who came forward in the drama was Mary.

Mary told Keemstar that she started seeing Duncan in 2015 and met him in 2016 when she was 17, and he was 23.

She knew their relationship was wrong initially but only realized its adversity when Duncan broke up just before her 18th birthday. 

Mary opined Duncan trapped minors mostly at 17 because he could get away easily at that spot. She also shared that she broke her silence because he was undeserving of the fame and guilty of ruining the life of underaged women. 

While the grooming accusations have been increasing, Duncan hasn't yet issued a response or commented on the allegations.