Aaron Hall, aka Sunhatkid, has created an uproar on the internet after his revelations regarding Danny Duncan, a fellow YouTuber and his former employer.

Hall, who usually uploads upbeat videos, came out with a personal exposé.

Hall revealed many disturbing facts about Danny’s behavior towards him, bordering on physical harm and threats in the video.

Danny Duncan Exposed 

Speculations about Hall’s relationship turning cold with Duncan started making the rounds when the former stopped appearing on the latter’s videos.

In a video uploaded on December 1, 2021, he addressed this absence.

Hall began the video by saying that he “had” a friend named Danny. He also disclosed that many people asked him not to talk about the things he was going to further into the video.

But, he spoke on how the subject haunted him, and he did not want that anymore.


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He began his revelations at the beginning of his journey with Duncan. Duncan had brought him out to LA from Ohio and helped him when he was homeless.

But that’s apparently when Duncan started becoming a little too strict with him.

Hall then revealed how Duncan wanted him to sign a 10-year contract for him. After asking around a bit, he agreed. Duncan’s demands, however, didn’t stop there.

After being with his team for a while, Duncan then asked him to unfollow all his other YouTuber friends on social media.

He also had to stop hanging out with a lot of his friends because of his predicament. A while passed, and he moved in with Duncan in his new LA home.

Things started going off the rails since then.

Sunhatkid’s Allegations of Physical Abuse

While playfully wrestling, Duncan started punching him while he had no control over the situation.

The incident, according to Hall, resulted in bleeding and a “big lump” in his head. He cried to one of the people present in the house, but nobody said anything about it.

In another instance, he said Duncan kicked him in the head and berated him for speaking.

All this when the only thing he was doing was giving Duncan advice on how to get a skateboard trick done.

Hall asserted that the team was around, but again, nobody cared.

It got worse. One day, when it was just him and Duncan in the bathroom, Hall asked for a favor. Duncan, however, put a knife to his throat instead.

“I was scared for my life,” Hall said of what he felt at that moment. But he couldn’t fight back. He was scared of getting stabbed.

He said he brought this up with everyone, but he got the same careless response from everyone except his girlfriend.

Hall wanted to leave. But he had nowhere to go and nothing else he could do. Moreover, the contract stopped him from finding other collaborators, and he was also paying 20% of his earnings to Duncan.

He has since cut ties with Duncan and now no longer works with him.

The Inflow of Support for Hall

After Hall’s accusations towards Duncan, the video’s comment section is filled with supportive comments towards Hall. 

Many YouTubers and non-YouTubers alike have left sympathetic messages for him in the comment section.

“I’m so sorry bro. Took a lot [of] balls to express this with everyone. Proud of u,” said Cole Bell.

Another chimed in, saying, “i hope you’re okay dude, sending love.”

The video has garnered over 653 thousand views at the time of writing, and it’s climbing rapidly. On the other side of this story, Duncan is yet to respond to these allegations.