Daddy Yankee, born Ramon Ayala Rodriguez, is a Puerto Rican rapper and Reggaeton artist. He is married to his wife, Mireddys Gonzalez, and is the father of their three kids. 

Per Distractify, Daddy Yankee and his wife Gonzalez married during their teen years. The rapper was just 17 years of age when he tied the knot with his wife in 1994. During the same year, the couple became parents for the first time after the birth of their daughter, Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez.


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The husband and wife became parents the second time after the birth of their daughter, Yamilette, in 1998. They also have a son named Jeremy Ayala. They are seen to be pretty close to their children. Let's take a look at their relationship!

Daddy Yankee's Son Ayala Is Allegedly Married

Per a report by Spanish News, Daddy Yankee's son, Ayala, married his girlfriend, Andrea De Castro, earlier this year. The report mentions that Ayala married De Castro in Puerto Rico on March 8, 2021, in an intimate ceremony

The news portal has cited local Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora as their primary source. According to the website, Daddy Yankee's son, Ayala, and his girlfriend met in 2019 and began dating and later decided to get married to each other during Christmas week in 2020 in New York.


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While it remains to be known whether they are officially married or not, a peek into Ayala's official Instagram account shows De Castro making frequent appearances on his timeline, which showcase intimacy between the two, hinting them to be in a relationship.

A Look into Daddy Yankee's Kids

As mentioned earlier, Daddy Yankee and his wife are proud parents to their three children. Their elder daughter, Jesaaelys, lives in Florida and is busy making a career in makeup, fashion, and skincare. 

Jesaaelys is active on her Instagram and timely posts about her father, showcasing a close bond between them. She has a verified Instagram account, and as of this writing, Jesaaelys is being followed by her 1.2 million fans.

A quick look into her bio hints at her being on track to start a business for herself. However, concrete information regarding her upcoming venture is not available at the moment. 

Additionally, Jesaaelys is also an aspiring Youtuber who currently has 338,000 subscribers on her YouTube Channel, which is named after her first name.


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On the contrary, Daddy Yankee's daughter, Yamile,t does not seem to be active on social media, especially on the popular image-sharing platform Instagram. Unlike her famous father, mother, who also has a huge following on her Instagram account, and her elder sister, Jesaaelys, Yamilet remains to be relatively unknown.

Daddy Yankee and Gonzalez's son, Ayala's, personal endeavors aren't known in public. However, he is active on social media and as of this writing has a healthy following of 303,000 on his verified Instagram account.