CopperCab, or Michael Kittrell, is the eponymous face behind the channel of the same name. After going viral for their video, 'GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!' in 2010, they have been known as someone who speaks their mind. 

Because of the nature of their content, their polarizing personality has amassed a loyal fan following. With it, however, many bullies, too, have come to shut their work down.

Regardless of the backlash, Kittrell has always stood by their stance of creating content for themselves and no one else. But, unfortunately, their channel was blocked on August 28, 2021, with an alleged charge of hate speech.

While we have covered this incident recently, their channel has since come back into active status. Therefore, the creator is once again able to do what they love. 

Let’s look into something they haven't loved a great deal — their own gender identity.

CopperCab's Coming Out

After the 'GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!' was sensationalized as a satirical comedy, Kittrell found a following for themselves. But, then, a lot of those followers were shocked when the ‘I'm done pretending. #TransPride’ video was released in 2016.

Kittrell showed their face in partial drag makeup and announced that they had been going through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) as they were transgender. 

This was when they put out their pronouns as being she/her and nouns as Claire. They had thought they were stronger and had learned to accept themselves. 

In the same video, they also commended Caitlyn Jenner for being a motivator of this change. They had been encouraged by Jenner, a key figure in the LGBTQI+ community, to take off the mask and live life as their own.

Michael Kittrell's Retraction From HRT

Kittrell had been on the reality show Hollywood Hillbillies in 2014. They had been on estrogen pills at the time. Soon after they came out, they had to stop with the transition, as the medication caused heart problems.

This led to some black lash, as many claimed they had never been on those said pills. One of their long-running critics, Gavin McInnes, commented that he didn’t believe they were in transition.

Instead, he thought Kittrell was pretending to be a trans ally for internet clout. Kittrell was quick to deny these accusations.

That being said, this was a critical turning point in their life. Finally, they came to the metaphorical and literal conclusion that what’s in the heart for them is what matters.

To them, from there on out, outer appearance was secondary. Since then, they have retracted from being ClaireCab and have reverted to the pronouns of he/him, with the addition of they/them as well.

CopperCab Now

Something that needs to be clarified about gender is the fact that it is a social construct and not set in stone for anyone. This was also a sentiment Kittrell had the chance to emphasize when they appeared on Keemstar’s channel, DramaAlert.

When they were asked who they were attracted to, they replied they were still attracted to women. This alluded to the fact that Kittrell had a girlfriend back in 2013. 

They further added while they might have been into women at that time, they could very well be attracted to men later on in life. 

As of the most recent reports, Kittrell is dating their half-sister Aubrey. They share the same mother but never grew up together. And while this was disturbing news to many, the couple seems to be happy with each other.