When Blake Shelton and his wife of four years, Miranda Lambert, announced their divorce in October 2016, rumors were rife that Chris Young was the driving factor behind their separation. 

Internet users accused Young of having an affair with Lambert. In light of the seemingly preposterous accusations, Young took to Twitter to refute the claims. 

"I don't normally address gossip, but in this case, I will," he began his statement. Then he stressed that the gossip of him being the contributing factor behind Shelton's divorce was totally "FALSE." 

Young added they were both his friends, and he would never betray their friendship.

Young also sat down with ET and weighed down on the rumors. He stated it was terrible to have been put in such a situation and was shocked to find out the stories. 

He said he was in touch with Shelton the entire day the rumors surfaced, and Shelton was repeatedly apologizing for all of it.

Thankfully, the faux allegations didn't hamper their friendship. But it did raise concerns about Young's personal life. 

Is Chris Young Married?

Young admittedly has a lot of pressure to marry, courtesy of his ascending age and super caring family members. 

He dished on about it in an interview with Katie Couric in February 2013. Per his accounts, the pressure intensified during Christmas and Thanksgiving when all the family members gathered for celebrations. 

His grandmother would always find him at the party and ask him if he had found a girlfriend to give her a ring or make her his wife. 

"All the other kids are married and have kids," Young mentioned, reflecting on his singlehood.

Then, he shared that the pressure was taken off a little after he officiated at his sister's wedding. 

Although Young officiated a wedding, he has never tied the knot himself. Ergo, he has not married and has no wife as of this time of writing. 

Is Chris Young in a Relationship?

Young's dating status has always been a concern for his fans and followers. A part of it is so because his songs sing stories of love and heartbreaks. 

Having said that, the 36-year-old has deliberately kept his dating life away from the media. And he knows that his secrecy "drives people nuts."

During an interview with People in April 2019, Young shared he decided to be private about his girlfriends early on in his career. 

He clarified he told people about his ex-girlfriends but preferred to keep his current relationship status close to his heart.

Whenever he went through a "good breakup," he would write songs about heartbreak but never reveal the identity of his partner.

Thanks to privacy, it is not sure if he has a girlfriend. But he was once speculated to be dating his singing partner, Cassadee Pope. 

Meanwhile, Pope came forward and refuted all claims that said they were boyfriend and girlfriend in an interview with Rare Country

At first, she admitted that the burning rumors were a good sign they were doing great as partners. 

"We do have a great chemistry onstage. So, we just kind of go with it. Fans are having fun with it." she stated. Then she asserted they were only good friends and not lovers.