Jake Russel, the chief of police in Middleton, was killed in the line of duty after getting shot. After the unfortunate event, Carrie was left to care for her two children as a single mom.

The synopsis explained in the preceding sentence belongs to a TV movie series-turned TV series titled The Good Witch. In the movies, the character of Russel was portrayed by Canadian actor, Chris Potter.

After Potter decided to leave the show, he was killed offscreen. His death was later explained in an episode titled 'Starting Over ...Again', which began with a time jump of ten years. 

From this episode onward, Potter's onscreen wife, Cassandra Nightingale, or simply Cassie, portrayed by actress Catherine Bell was briefly scripted as a single mom.

Later, in the ongoing Hallmark Channel original series, Cassie is shown happily married to Dr. Sam Radford.

Before Potter's departure, the show was titled The Good Witch's Wonder, and it was only after the revamp that the series got a new name. 

The show continued without Potter; however, the rest of the original cast and the storyline has remained the same. 

Why Did Chris Potter Leave The Good Witch?

Potter cited his ongoing engagement with CBC's successful TV series Heartland as the reason for his departure from The Good Witch movie series in 2014. His contractual obligations meant he could not continue working in the Good Witch series.

Also, the concept of the show's transition from a movie series to a TV series made Potter announce his separation from the franchise where he worked for a number of years. 

In a report by Distractify, his former co-actress, Bell, was quoted saying, "We tried hard for months to get Potter back on board. However, the efforts and the wait ended with no desired result." 

In the show Heartland, Potter has portrayed the character of Tim Fleming in 216 episodes, starting from the year 2007.  

His last outing in The Good Witch TV movies was the 2014's installment titled The Good Witch's Wonder.

Potter's Journey with Heartland

In a March 19, 2021 interview with YouTube Channel Rave It Up TV, Potter recalled his early memories of Heartland

Firstly, he opened up about his character Tim [Fleming]. Tim also happens to be his younger brother's name in real life.

"My whole life I've been called Tim and it's just ironic that I've been playing Tim all these years," explained Potter.  

Secondly, Potter recalled how in 2007, he was approached for Heartland by CBC, and after reading his first script, Potter told his wife the show could turn into a hit.

This thing can be a hit. This is the exact kind of show that I've been waiting to watch with our kids because I fall asleep [during] every show[s] that they watch. Nothing that keeps me awake other than Spongebob

Potter recalled the conversation he had with his wife during the Rave it Up Interview.

He further revealed that he was initially offered a cameo for the pilot. As per Potter, after the pilot was approved to be turned into a tv show, he was offered a role by the network, but it "was not a good offer," and people around him advised the actor to decide against it. 

The actor, however, was fixated to work in the upcoming tv show after being carried away by the potential it held. As of 2021, the Canadian series is now into its fifteenth season, and Potter is a regular fixture in the show as Fleming.