As the rumors of their relationship spread like wildfire, Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bell have joined forces as designers for a new venture together: Catherine Bell Jewelry.

The Army Wives star even put up an Instagram post to announce the arrival of their new project back in April 2020.

The actress had announced that they were open for preorders and urged fans to find their way to the website via a link. 

Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bell's New Venture

The duo accepts orders through their website, which also happens to feature an introduction to their founding designers: Bell and Daniells.

According to their website, the two of them drew inspiration from a combination of their love of vintage jewelry and the all-encompassing beauty of art, nature, travel, and architecture. The first collection they featured was their opening hearts collection that stemmed from a love of hearts and love in general. 

Apparently, the love of hearts was amplified by a heart scare that Bell's daughter, Gemma, endured. All things considered, she made a complete recovery thanks to the wonderful doctors that cared for her. 

The website also outed that the collection was Bell and Daniells' way of giving back. Every purchase made would help fund The Miraglo Foundation. The foundation provides grants and healthcare to the underserved, particularly a group of women cardiologists treating children in India and the Middle East. 

Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bell's Relationship Rumors

It is acknowledged that drawing a parallel between Bell and Daniells' heart collection and their relationship rumors might be a stretch, but that was not where the rumors started.

Bell and her speculated girlfriend were first shipped by outlets when Bell broke up with her husband of seventeen years and, immediately after, allegedly moved in with Daniells. Keep in mind, neither of the two women has confirmed or denied their relationship. 

Bell also wrote a blog post for People shortly after her post-divorce move-in. In the post, she dubbed Daniells as her "dear friend and amazing party planner/goodie maker extraordinaire." She also redirected readers to Daniells’ Etsy shop for her company, Hadley and Elizabeth, via a link. 

Catherine Bell Got Divorced in 2011

Bell got divorced from her husband in 2011 after being together for seventeen years. In those years, the former flames welcomed two children: a daughter, Gemma, and a son, Ronan, who were eight and one years of age, respectively, at the time of the divorce. 

The actress' rep got in touch with People to reveal the news exclusively. The representative also confirmed that the two would remain great friends even after the divorce. 

"They're committed to raising their two children together," the rep added, "They're excited to work on projects together."

Since her divorce, the actress best known for her work in Bruce Almighty and its subsequent installment, Evan Almighty, has kept herself busy with a number of acting projects. 

While she did not appear on the big screen in the years since, she has been credited with seventeen acting projects. Most of her time has been spent acting on TV movies, but she has had a few TV series tossed into her resumé.