Chris Ivery spent 25 years in the music industry as a producer and a writer, even co-writing Rihanna's 2011 song 'Cheers (Drink to that).' But despite his long service in the music industry, he never longed for the limelight.

So much so, the record producer came to the public's attention only because of his association with his wife, Ellen Pompeo, the lead actress playing Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy.

Here are the five things you should know about their enduring marriage. 

They Were Meant to Be Together

Ivery and Pompeo grew up within 10 miles of each other outside Boston, Massachusetts. While the music producer lived in Cambridge, the latter lived in Everett.

But they never crossed paths until they met in California through mutual friends in a grocery store in 2003. The duo, however, didn't jump right into the relationship. 

They remained just friends for about six months before dating. Gushing about their relationship and the coincidence, Pompeo said she felt like they "were sort of meant to be" in an interview with People in October 2006. 

Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo Got Married in 2009

Ivery proposed to the love of his life with a 3.5-carat diamond ring in November 2006. A year after the engagement, they privately tied the knot at New York City Hall on November 9, 2007.

Michael Bloomberg, then mayor of The Big Apple, officiated the wedding. 

They Have Three Children 

Ivery and Pompeo are parents to three lovely kids. They gave birth to their first child, a daughter Stella Luna, in 2009. Five years later, they welcomed their second daughter, Sienna May, through surrogacy.

Then, in December 2016, they had their third and first son, Eli Christopher.

Just before she had her third kid, Pompeo had shared with People the lessons she wished to instill in her children. In her own words, the 51-year-old wanted her kids to have compassion and understand that people get better with age. 

Ivery Doesn't Watch 'Grey's Anatomy'

Ivery is a huge fan and supporter of his wife, but he doesn't watch Pompeo's famous show, Grey's Anatomy

It's totally understandable, given Pompeo has had a fair share of on-screen affairs over the past 17 seasons. Her character hooked up with Derek Shepherd, Nathan Riggs, Finn Dandridge, and Andrew DeLuca. 

Ivery admittedly finds it awkward to watch his wife indulge in romance with other men.

In February 2017, during an interview with US Weekly, the 54-year-old clarified he wasn't jealous but admitted, "I'm really confident, but it's awkward."  

The Couple's Net Worth Is Massive

In November 2014, Ivery had a net worth of $70 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. It was a combined estimate of his and Pompeo's salaries and properties.

The figure has undoubtedly risen, given that the music producer is now the owner of a clothing line called STLA Collection. The Cambridge native merged with Italian sportswear label Sergio Tacchini and launched his brand in Los Angeles in 2019. 

Just like his burgeoning financial status, Pompeo also boasts a whopping net worth of $80 million. The mother-of-three earned $20 million alone from the 15th season of Grey's Anatomy.