Chase Mattson, Kelianne Stankus's fiance, is in hot waters after one of his recent shirtless posts hit the internet.

He was accused of body-shaming, after an opinionated post surfaced on Instagram and Twitter.

However, after some backlash, he has now removed the caption from his post on Instagram.

Here's a look into the whole saga.

Chase Mattson Got Backlash for Body Shaming

This controversy seems to have started with one of his recent shirtless posts on Twitter.

Mattson, a self-professed gym rat, is usually posting shirtless pictures of himself on his socials, whether that be from inside the gym or outside.

On January 9, 2022, Mattson posted a shirtless gym selfie showing off his abs on Twitter. In the caption, he wrote, "Dad Bod" followed by a biceps emoji.

His followers, however, seemed to take offense in the fact that he called his chiseled body a "dad bod." Many of the comments were from those who were upset at him for doing so.

"Not a dad bod, not old enough to be a dad. Call me when you cross the 40 threshold!" said one.

When someone else countered saying Mattson already had two kids, he said the traditional definition of a "dad bod" did not fit his body.

Someone else asked, "In what reality is this dad bod?" Replying to this response, another added saying, "A land of disillusionment."

There were many others who denied his body was a fit for the dad bod category of body types.

This wasn't the first time Mattson has posted pictures with the same caption. However, this was the only time he got considerable backlash.

It might have been these responses that prompted Mattson to clarify his position on the argument.

On January 19, he uploaded a few pictures on his Instagram and Facebook with a long caption.

"Some people don't realize that I've been modeling longer than I've been a dad," Mattson began the caption.

He then claimed that men, more so than women, being the biggest targets of body shaming and bans, was not the indicator for social equality and self-love.

In the next line, he made it clear that he was not attacking any gender. But he wished that everyone was held to the same standard when posting online.

Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman posting about something they are proud of, in this case, their bodies, Mattson demanded equality in scrutiny and judgment.

Ending his writing, he requested everyone ask him about his story before hating him or making uninformed judgments.

"E.L.E. everybody love everybody," he wrote at the end.

Chase Mattson Deleted His Caption on IG

Mattson's post gathered a lot of traction on Instagram. He received many comments, both agreeing and disagreeing with his sentiments.

The first one of those supporters was his fiancee, Stankus. "I love you," she expressed. "Proud of you," accompanied by a red heart emoji.

Another model, Michael Yerger, too showed his support. He said that Instagram didn't let him post pictures of his Dolce & Gabbana campaign.

There were people who also disagreed with his claims. Women came at him saying he was wrong to claim that men's bodies were more sexualized than women's bodies.

Following some backlash in the comment section, Mattson removed his entire caption.

He replaced his words with two emojis, implying he was keeping quiet now.

However, the deleted caption is still up in his Facebook post.

After this, he uploaded another post where he answered some of the questions fans asked about him.

Here, he revealed that he was a 27-year-old model with two daughters, and had been modeling since he was 18.

Chase Mattson with his two daughters.

Chase Mattson with his two daughters. (Photo: Chase Mattson/Instagram)

Talking about movies, he said he wanted to be a lead in a Marvel or DC movie — didn't matter if he was a hero or a villain. His favorite movies were Interstellar, Saving Private Ryan, and Gladiator.

He then revealed things about his private life, admitting that he had never been engaged or married before meeting Stankus.

Mattson and Stankus got engaged on December 12, 2020, in the most romantic way possible in Malibu.

As of September 2021, the couple was getting ready for a wedding and a baby.

In their plans, the wedding is happening in 2022.