Spoiler Warning: The content includes plot and ending details for Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy, the longest-running scripted Primetime show, revolves around surgeons as they explore their careers and love life. As a result, there are many couples on the show.

However, one of the best duos was Jo Wilson and Alex Karev. Played by Camilla Luddington and Justin Chambers, the pair made the fans of Grey's Anatomy laugh and cry with their characters' love story.

Karev had a rough time with his love life for the first few seasons of the medical drama. But when Wilson came into his life, he fell in love with her and was head over heels for her.

Camilla Luddington with her on-screen husband on Grey's Anatomy, Justin Chambers

Camilla Luddington with her on-screen husband on Grey's Anatomy, Justin Chambers. (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, the pair ended up together until Karev departed from the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Even though their relationship was short-lived, it was full of love and excitement — something the fans appreciated.

Lovingly, they call Wilson and Karev Jolex, a combination of Jo and Alex. While the couples are no longer together and have moved on with their respective lives, here are the best Jolex moments for you to relive.

The Date Crasher Karev

Season 9, Episode 7, is when Karev realizes he has feelings for Wilson. At that time, Wilson was on a date with Chest Peckwell.

As a result, Karev was heartbroken that he did not realize he had feelings for Wilson. He was also scared since this was the first time he had felt that way since his ex-wife, Isobel Stevens, aka Izzie.

Therefore, Karev crashed Wilson's date. While Wilson is annoyed about it, it is evident that she started liking Karev.

The Fake Breakup

In Season 10, Episode 14, a new rule is implemented in the hospital where the people could not date each other. Since Wilson and Karev were already dating, they did not want to part ways.

Karev does not want to hide their relationship, but Wilson is not ready to risk her job. Hence, they decided they needed to create a facade to show that they had broken up.

So, they create an elaborate drama in front of their colleagues to show that they split, but in reality, they were simply dating behind the scenes.

Jo Wilson's Divorce

Wilson had skeletons in her closet that she did not share with Karev. She had been married before to her estranged husband, Paul.

However, Paul was abusive and tortured her physically and mentally. He had threatened her that he would find and kill her if she attempted to divorce him.

So, she never divorced her husband and instead changed her name and moved away. But unfortunately, her past caught up to her, and with the help of her friends and colleagues, Wilson decided to divorce Paul.

Karev was with her through every step, supporting Wilson and lending her his strength.

The Proposal

Perhaps, the proposal between Wilson and Karev in the fifteenth episode of Season 14 is one of the most romantic proposals in Grey's Anatomy ever. 

Wilson had been applying to fellowships outside of Seattle, which Karev found out. It had such an impact on Karev that he began to distrust love itself.

They later argued about her desire to develop in her work and his insecurity over her want to leave Seattle. Meredith Grey informed Karev that it was a good thing for Wilson, but he didn't agree.

Fortunately, he ultimately came around. Wilson dropped to one knee when he returned home and proposed to her future husband, saying, "You are my home, and you are my heart."

The Ferry Wedding

Finally, after a lot of ups and downs in their love story, Wilson and Karev were ready to call each other husband and wife. In the finale of Season 14, the pair tied the knot.

But once again, it was full of drama! From Wilson reconsidering her career to Karev planning on leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, a lot was going on for the couple.

Moreover, half of the guests mistakenly go to a different wedding where they encounter a medical emergency. Therefore, because of a series of misfortunate events, the duo could not get married in the location they picked.

However, when they were returning to the hospital on a ferry, Grey got a license so that she could officiate her best friend's wedding.

So, in the end, Wilson and Karev got married on a ferry, in the sea, surrounded by their closest friends.