Professional basketball player Cade Cunningham is a young star for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The 19-year-old rose through the ranks after playing college basketball for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Talking about his beginning, some of the major recruiting services rated him as a consensus five-star recruit and among the top players in the 2020 class while he was at Montverde Academy in Florida.

The former Bowie High School alum subsequently led one of the best high school teams in history and received the badge of National Player of the Year.

In addition, he was named a consensus first-team All-American and Big 12 Player of the Year after his freshman season with Oklahoma State. He is also the recipient of a gold medal with the United States at the 2019 FIBA Under-19 World Cup.

Recognizing his talent, Cunningham was selected with the first overall pick by the Detroit Pistons in the 2021 NBA Draft.

Cade Cunningham Knows He Can Lean On His Parents

But all those successes would just have been a dream for the Texas native if his parents hadn’t supported him enough. Due to that reason, Cunningham implied he could always lean on his parents during an interview with The Oklahoman magazine earlier this year in March.

“She’s my rock,” Cunningham said about his mother, Carrie. “Her and my dad, they’re both just somebody I know I can lean on. If anything goes wrong, I know they’ll love me regardless, I know they’ll support me regardless.”

Even at 16, when he decided to move to Florida to join Montverde Academy, his parents backed his decision. He made the decision to better his opportunities as a basketball player. The family also approved the move, knowing he could handle himself, and trusted the prep school’s coaching staff.

Later, Cunningham grew both as a basketball player and as a person, which didn’t surprise his parents since they knew he had the potential to become that.

Cade Cunningham Loves Women in His Life

In mid-March 2021, when Cunningham was honored on Senior Night as a one-and-done freshman superstar, his family came to cheer and support him from the stands. That included his father, Keith, his mom, Carrie, sister, Kaylyn, and his 2-year-old daughter, Riley.

Cunningham was spotted smiling and waving at Riley, who sported an orange-and-white outfit, a mask featuring Poppy from Trolls and ringlets dangling over her forehead. Later, he went to the corner and picked up Riley to kiss her on the cheek.


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Speaking about the occasion with The Oklahoman, his mother Carrie stated Cunningham loved his family very much, especially the three women in his life, including his mother, sister, and daughter.

“He’s got a lot of love and respect for the women in his life,” she said, revealing he saw his mother as his stabilizer, sister as a confidant, and daughter as motivation. Carrie added she was proud of the way her son carried himself in life than about his accomplishments. 

In the family, Cunningham also has a brother, Cannen, and cousin, Ashton Bennings, who inspired him to take up basketball.