Busy Philipps and her husband, Marc Silverstein, have a one-of-a-kind relationship. 

The two have been married for almost 15 years, and they are blessed with two daughters — Birdie and Cricket. Silverstein is a screenwriter, and sometimes, he incorporates his personal life in his scripts. 

For instance, he once wrote his and Philipps' wedding vows in a movie. 

Busy Philipps, Her Husband, and Wedding Vows

Philipps and Silverstein got married in 2007. While they were writing their wedding vows together back then, the actress was impressed with her partner's.

She told ABC News in 2014 that she found his vows interesting because "it was so beautiful and well written." She was taken aback at the feelings Silverstein had for her and appreciated his writing skills. 

Busy Philipps posing for a picture with her husband, Marc Silverstein.

Busy Philipps posing for a picture with her husband, Marc Silverstein. (Source: Instagram)

However, she had not expected their vows to be a part of the 2012 movie The Vow. Philipps did not know about it since her husband never told her.

Usually, she read his scripts, but she had not done so for The Vow. She found out about it when she watched it on an airplane.

It was a pleasant surprise for her when Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum said her wedding vows in the movie.

She confessed she was "sobbing hysterically during the vows part" because it was unexpected but nice.

As their love story, Philipps and Silverstein's marriage ceremony is one-of-a-kind. Back then, the actress was in Scotland, filming a movie. 

She took a plane back to L. A. where she had planned a wedding with her husband. She did not wear a ring, and the two did not reveal to anyone that they were getting married.

Busy Philipps' and Marc Silverstein's wedding day.

Busy Philipps' and Marc Silverstein's wedding day. (Source: Instagram)

Everyone was invited under the facade of a surprise birthday party for Philipps. However, the actual plan was for the Dawson's Creek actress to show up in a wedding dress

They followed their plans, and the pair got married, surrounded by their friends and family.

Despite being married for a long time, love is not lost between Philipps and her husband. 

However, it was difficult to live together amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The actress told Us Weekly about how it was to quarantine with her spouse and daughters. 

She confessed that while she could not do it without Silverstein, they did not have time for themselves. As a result, they had to adjust their life and make time accordingly for their personal life. 

Is Busy Philipps Pregnant?

No, at the time of writing, the actress is not pregnant. However, as said before, she and her spouse are blessed with two beautiful daughters. 

Busy Philipps' daughters, Birdie and Cricket, with their dog Gina.

Busy Philipps' daughters, Birdie, and Cricket, with their dog Gina. (Source: Instagram)

Her eldest, Birdie, was born in 2008. They came out as non-binary when they were ten to their parents and revealed that they preferred they/them pronouns

The actress told the world two years later in 2020 via her podcast, Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best. Birdie followed in their parents' footsteps and is involved in the entertainment industry. 

Their first project was Prime Video's With Love. Philipps shared her daughter's achievement and posted a picture of her and Silverstein crying with pride and joy on her Instagram. 

The actress' youngest daughter, Cricket, was born in 2013. Philipps often shares pictures of her daughters and family on her social media.