Kian and JC’s The Reality House web series competition kicked off for the third season, and this time, the contestants include Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau

The show pits a large group of influencers (usually 12 to 13 people) against each other in a single house together in various challenges for hefty cash prizes. In season 1, the payout was $25,000, and in season 2, it was $50,000. 

Unlike previous seasons, the third season of this series only has eight contestants, and the payout has not been determined yet. 


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So far, two episodes have aired, but certified bad boy Hall is already making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Bryce Hall’s Hook Up with Selena Gomez

The second episode of the digital series aired on November 27 and had the contestants playing a game of “Never Have I Ever.”

The Reality House contestants all took turns asking questions until the question - “Never have I hooked up with an A-list celebrity” was posed.  After the question, Hall piped in, asking if Selena Gomez was an A-lister. 

The other contestants assured him she was, and then he took a sip of his drink, confirming that he had hooked up with Gomez.

However, the other contestants questioned the veracity of his claims, with Mongeau stating that she did not believe him. 


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Hall’s claims offended some Selenators who took to TikTok to criticize the influencer. For example, user AJ Krakovsky who goes by “mizft” on TikTok, called him out, saying that Hall was trying to get more attention on his “flop reality show.’ 

Hall then replied in the comment section of the video that he was joking and added that people like him acting in hostility brought him joy on the platform. 

This wasn’t the first time Hall seemingly expressed his interest in the ‘Baila Conmigo’ singer. Earlier in July, Hall tweeted. “Hey @selenagomez.” Naturally, Gomez’s fans wanted the bad boy to stay far away from the singer. 

Bryce Hall Called Out Ariana Grande

Krakovsky also mentioned that Hall previously claimed that Ariana Grande wanted clout from him. 

It all started when Grande was interviewed on the ‘Zach Sang Show’ to talk about the release of Positions, her sixth studio album. During the interview, many topics were covered, including Grande’s take on 2021 Halloween being canceled because of the pandemic.

Couldn’t we have just stayed at home for a few more weeks? Like, we all really needed to put on our cowgirl boots and ride a mechanical bull that bad. We all needed that Instagram posts that badly?

Although the ‘Thank U, Next’ singer did not call out anyone directly, fans assumed she referred to TikTok stars partying despite the pandemic. Following Ariana’s interview, Hall was asked about it, and he responded by saying, “I mean, it was obviously, like, a marketing move and good for her.”

Hall suggested that Grande had “obviously” been using TikTok stars for clout and to sell her albums. 

But his comments aside, it was not the first time he has been called out for social gatherings.