Taylor Swift finally unveiled the extended version of ‘All Too Well,’ from her fourth album Red on November 12. 

Swift had teased about the longer version of the album for years. In August she finally announced the updated tracklist and further confirmed an extended version of the song 'All Too Well.'

Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’

The highly anticipated album, Red (Taylor’s Version), arrived on 12th of this month.


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The album includes re-recorded versions of all the original songs and previously unreleased tracks “from the vault,” written around the same time.

It is the second album that the singer has released since Scooter Braun gained ownership of her master tapes. Taylor left her previous label contract in 2018. 

Fans went crazy after the release of the long awaited song. Based on initial reactions, it is safe to say the song did not disappoint. She also released All Too Well: The Short Film, starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, riddled with Easter eggs and chronicled the end of a love story. 

Fans everywhere are emotional from the song’s painful lyrics, including Brooke Monk and her boyfriend, Sam Dezz. 

Brooke Monk and Her Boyfriend, Sam Dezz’s Reaction Video

On November 14, Monk uploaded a reaction video and revealed in the title that they ended up crying while watching the short film All Too Well.

The two paused the video after a few seconds to talk about its details. Dezz asked Monk if O’Brien was portraying Jake Gyllenhaal while Sink was portraying Swift. Monk then iterated that although Swift has not confirmed it, Swifties (Swift’s fan club) are convinced it is. 

It appears Monk is well versed with all the Easter eggs in Swift’s video because she shared all the tidbits with Dezz, who was not aware. She revealed that Gyllenhaal and Swift, who once dated, had a ten-year age gap and similar to the short film, where O’Brien and Sink also have the same age gap. 

The duo sang along and at one point almost kissed to recreate the scene that was happening in the music video. 


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They continued watching until they paused at a one-point which left Monk shocked with her mouth wide open. In the video, Sink tries to hold O’Brien’s hands, but he refuses her, which Dezz claimed was a sign of friend-zoning. 

Dezz then iterated that he would never do that to Monk, to which she replied, “well I think not.” After that, the two continued watching the video while discussing all the Easter eggs in it. Monk got teary-eyed towards the end, that is when Dezz comforted her, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheeks. 

In the comment section of the video, their fans gushed about how adorable they looked. 

The duo recently celebrated their first dating anniversary on October 11th. In honor of their special day, Monk uploaded an adorable photo of her and Dezz. 

It looks like Monk and Dezz's relationship is still going strong.