Mika Kleinschmidt and her husband Brian Kleinschmidt from 100 Day Dream Home won the HGTV mega-hit competition series Rock the Block with their impressive craftsman farmhouse. Their house was appraised at $625,000, and the duo even had a street named in their honor.

Out of all the things that helped Mika and Brian win the second season of Rock the Block, the most memorable feature would be the indoor two-lane bowling alley they built in their house’s basement. But that wasn’t the only outlandish project the two were planning to complete in their house.

Second Secret Project

Mika and Brian’s house received praise from the judges of Rock the Block for having spread their budget throughout the house instead of splurging on a single area. When talking to The Wrap, Brian shared it was their best move.

We had a game plan from the beginning. We stuck to the game plan. I think our best move was spreading our budget out throughout the house evenly rather than blow it in one space.

Some highlights of their house in the competition series aside from the two-lane bowling alley were a home fitness center, a smart pergola, and a mother-in-law suite in the basement.

However, Mika and Brian weren’t done with their part and had planned on adding a zip-lining course in the back. If it weren’t for the time and budget constraints, Brain revealed they would have done it.

Let me just say this, if we had another two days and another about two grand, we were totally going to do it. And we had it all planned out. It was going to come off that upper deck and it was going to be a zip-line course going from tree to tree.

Inspiration for Their House

The two major highlights of Mika and Brian’s craftsman farmhouse were the home fitness center and the indoor bowling alley. Mika shared that the idea for those two features came from them shooting for Rock the Block during COVID.

Because of the pandemic, many people’s houses had to function as more than just their living space and be something that would facilitate and accommodate situations that would bring people together.

The fitness center would serve as an excellent tool to stay healthy while the bowling alley added that fun factor to the house while appealing to all ages.

Their Rock the Block season 2 winning home had a great blend of fun and functionality, drawing much praise from the judges. During the interview with The Wrap on April 2021, the couple also revealed that their house was the first to be sold and was closing soon.

Mika and Brian also expressed how happy they were to be a part of Rock the Block and compete with other HGTV stars and designers they had looked up to for many years. Winning the competition was even more of an unreal experience, as it meant that they were as good as the professionals they admired.