Brett Tucker knows how to tug at the heartstrings of his fans with his dashing looks, adorable smile, and charismatic personality. However, many people wonder if there is any lucky person who has stolen his heart.

The Australian actor has been active in the entertainment industry since 1992, and he has worked on various TV series. He is best known as Max Regnery in The Saddle Club and Seattle Fire Chief Lucas Ripley on Station 19. 

He has amassed a massive fanbase throughout the years, and they want to know about this personal life. Unfortunately, Tucker's Instagram does not give a lot of clues about his personal life since all he posts about are surfing and other adventures. 

Tucker has been a private person throughout, but here is everything we know about Tucker's love life. 

Does Brett Tucker Have a Wife?

No, Tucker does not have a wife. He has never explicitly mentioned his partner or his marriage.

On his Instagram bio, the actor has dubbed himself as the "lone wolf adventurer." Perhaps this is his way of hinting that he is not linked with anyone.

Regardless, over the years, he has been linked with a few celebrities and actresses. 

Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor was Tucker's costar in the Australian soap opera Neighbours. Both of them had recurring roles in the show.


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Taylor played the role of Jacinta Martin for two episodes, whereas Tucker had a recurring role in the show as Davo and Ned Goodman. He also appeared as a builder/worker in a guest role.  

According to Ranker, the duo dated from February to December 2008.

Lindsay Lohan 

In 2011, when Lindsay Lohan was infamously known for wild parties and substance abuse, she was photographed with Tucker. In July of the same year, she was spotted leaving Paris Hilton's beach party in Malibu.

They were photographed walking arm-in-arm, but it is unknown if there was anything more than that between the two.


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Miranda Lambert

Singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert and Tucker were linked with each other in 2018 when their mutual friend Jerry O'Connell tried to be a matchmaker for them. O'Connell wanted to hook Lambert with Tucker after seeing her perform. 

He and his wife Rebecca Romijn attended the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards, where Lambert performed 'Keeper of the Flame.' Impressed by her singing skill, an idea popped inside O'Connell's brain. 

He planned on playing the matchmaker for his buddy and the singer. As a result, he took to Instagram to post a side-by-side picture of Lambert and Tucker and penned a caption, talking about how the two would be perfect for each other. 


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He praised Tucker, saying he was sweet and talented. He also joked that the actor had good credit and wanted to make their relationship work. 

He also provided his audience with two updates about the situation — first, Tucker and Lambert's had compatible zodiac signs, and second, a joke about his wife Romijn wanting to be with Tucker.  

Despite O'Connell's effort, it is unknown if the pair dated or not.