Brady Potter just put up a tweet to share an apology after a caption where he used a racist slur (the n-word) resurfaced on the internet. The caption was from a bill-sharing app called Venmo. 

Potter claimed that he made the caption back when he was an 18-year-old. Although he admitted that he was wrong and claimed to be willing to face the consequences, he attempted to justify why he said the n-word in the first place. 


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Brady Potter on His Use of Racial Slur

In the tweet, Potter confirmed that it was, in fact, him who made that racially charged comment. Before he went on to present his side of the story, the influencer rightly apologized to everyone. 

He claimed to be embarrassed by not only the immature nature of his comment but also the person he was when he penned it, referring to the fact that he was still a teenager. He added, 

I should have known better, but sadly I didn't, and I'm now rightfully facing the consequences.

In an attempt to give his fans some context on why he thought it was okay to use a racial slur, he brought up his early years and upbringing. 

Potter outed that he grew up in a small town where racial slurs like the one he used were reasonably common. Still, he acknowledged that it was not a valid reason for him to have used such language. 


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He claimed that he was a different person when he was in high school. In those "extremely immature" years, he said something that his adult self would apparently never do, but that is still just retrospection. 

Brady Potter Spoke Out of Ignorance, Not Hate

The TikTok celeb further expounded that moving to LA was the biggest learning experience in his life that triggered his maturity.

Only then he truly understood that his actions had consequences, and he needed to be more mindful of his actions. He added, 

Being on my own for the first time helped me discover who I truly am as a person, and the person I've grown into today is not the same person who wrote that caption. 

He reiterated that the use of the n-word on the bill sharing app was "flat-out wrong." The message that he was trying to get across was that he used racial slur out of a place of ignorance and not hatred. 

He claimed that he always had and always will believe in equality and would continue to be a person who loved people from every walk of life. 

Brady Potter Retracted BLM Caption

That being said, Potter apparently removed the 'Black Lives Matter' caption from one of his posts and turned off comments for that post when fans began to take notice. 


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A gossip page on Instagram documented this change and even presented fans with the original version of the caption, where the influencer had promised that he would use his platform, to the best of his abilities, to aid the Black Lives Matter movement. 

It is not clear when exactly he made this change, but if you look up this post now, there is no caption.