Bella Poarch climbed up the ladder of success very quickly. She started her journey on TikTok, and now she's stepping into the big leagues.

Music is one of many things she is good at, and she has always done it non-professionally. But now, she is pursuing the art professionally.

One of her first big steps into the music industry just so happened to be with one of her closest friends, well-established musician Grimes.

How Bella Poarch and Grimes Collaborated

Poarch first met Grimes through Benny Blanco. Blanco already knew Grimes at that time.

One day, the two were in his studio. Poarch just decided to pay him a visit there, and that's when their friendship started.

During her interview with Cosmopolitan in March 2022, she also hinted that they might have struck more than just a friendship during their meeting.

"We might have a song together," said the TikTok star, casually dropping news about a new song for their fans. She then swiftly moved on to talk about other things about their friendship, maybe not realizing that she might have sent the internet on a frenzy.

Grimes also gave her book recommendations. One of her first recommendations to her was Life 3.0: being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

"I would've never thought I would read about AI, but I did," Poarch gushed about the suggestion.

They also did other activities — activities that would normally not be associated with being casual, like jousting or falconry.

Bella Poarch hinted at a new song collab she did with Grimes after meeting due to Benny Blanco.

Bella Poarch hinted at a new song collab she did with Grimes after meeting due to Benny Blanco. (Photo: Bella Poarch/Instagram)

Music isn't the only thing they collaborated on. Huge stars on TikTok, the company once proposed a "first drop" NFT project to them. The company's plan was to release exclusive NFTs with a few artists, Poarch and Grimes being two of them.

They collaborated on the project. But unfortunately for everyone involved, the project never gained much traction, was badly handled, and the releases never happened.

Bella Poarch's Connection with Big Artists

Other than Grimes, Poarch has collaborated with many other mainstream music artists as of late.

One of her biggest collaborations was her TikTok collab with Blanco and Justin Bieber for Blanco's song 'Lonely.' But, as much as it was appreciated by many as a big step in her career, many were also critical of the collab.

When the video was released, people were saying she was not famous enough to be collaborating with the likes of Blanco and Bieber.

Poarch also collaborated with Sub Urban for 'INFERNO' and has a single out until now.

As for her collaboration with Grimes, there's no information regarding the date and other specifics, but if one was to speculate, the song could be a part of Grimes's upcoming album, Book 1.

Or it could be a part of her EP Fairies Cum First, "a prelude" to Book 1.