SPOILER ALERT: Plots and ending details for the September 14, 2021 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Season 7, and The Bachelorette, Season 16 follow.

The Bachelor franchise is not new to controversies. Every spin-off has some drama each season, and Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise is no less. 

This season is already shaping up to be one of the most controversial and craziest ones to date. The show was on a two-year break, and now that it is back, it has proven itself to be way better than the previous ones because of scandals. 

While love triangles and jealousy are regular, Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise includes a massive controversy, including Brendan Morais. Here are things to know about Morais and the scandal. 

Who Is Brendan Morais?

Once already married in his early 20s, Morais entered Season 16 of The Bachelorette to find his life partner again. He began the season expecting to find love with Clare Crawley, but after Crawley became engaged to Dale Moss after only two weeks, Tayshia Adams was selected to replace her.

Adams and Morais got along, and he even received her first season one-on-one date. Morais eventually advanced to the final three but stated that he was unsure whether he was ready to propose.

On Morais and Adams' dream suite date, the doubts grew worse. He looked at engagement and wedding rings with Neil Lane and concluded he wasn't ready to make such a significant commitment just yet. 

As a result, he broke things off with Adams and left the show. It is not a surprise that Morais entered Bachelor in Paradise to find love again since he is a family man who is ready to settle down. 

The model, actor, and basketball coach has dreams of becoming a father someday. He loves his family and wishes to share that feeling with someone. 

He might have found the one with Pieper James, but it did not happen easily. Instead, the pair received a lot of backlash for their relationship. 

Why Did Brendan Morais Leave ‘Bachelor in Paradise?'

Morais sparked rumors back in August 2021, when he was seen together in public with James, a fellow The Bachelor franchise contestant. However, US Weekly had already announced them as a couple in July 2021. 

The seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise premiered on August 16, 2021, but the filming had already been completed by July 2021. So, people speculated that Morais and James were hiding their relationship from the public for the sake of the show. 

Unfortunately, things seem to be more complicated than this. For the first few episodes, Morais went unnoticed, and he was happily dating Natasha Parker.

However, things started spicing up after James showed up on the beach. Nothing could have prepared anyone for what occurred next. As soon as James appeared on the beach, she asked Morais out. 

Since fans were already speculating about their relationship, it was not a surprise that Morais forgot about Parker the moment he saw James. Instead, he quickly accepted James' proposal and reunited with her. 

During last week's show, the cast bullied Chris Conran and Alana Milne off the beach after being accused of something similar. And now, the gang shifted their focus to Morais and James.

With a few of the women, Joe Amabile led the charge and approached the couple. Morais attempted to defend himself by claiming that he and James were not "exclusive" before the program.

He stated that his relationship with Parker was platonic, and nothing was going on between them. Amabile then asked why Morais did not pursue his relationship with James outside of Bachelor in Paradise.

Morais took offense to the question and became defensive. He referred to the show's rulebook and maintained he had done nothing outside of it. He stormed off after the altercation to meet James, where they addressed the critics

Morais was very heated with the issue and was insulting everyone. James, on the other hand, was contemplating if she should stay on the show or not.

Despite their assurances that they had done nothing wrong, the two decided to leave the show. Then, the pair addressed the audience, explaining that they would pursue their love off-screen.

Bachelor Nation was outraged on Parker's behalf, and fans took to Instagram to teach Morais a lesson. As a result, he lost almost 90k followers in only three days.

James has also lost many followers—around 9,000—since she has supported Morais in all the turmoil. She received even more criticism after releasing a TikTok confirming her and Morais' relationship.