After making serious allegations about Monty Lopez’s estranged wife, Sheri Easterling, Ava Louise has made headlines again. 

This time the TikToker — who got famous for doing the viral “toilet eating” challenge is talking about her relationship with Lopez and her past misdeeds. 

According to statements she made to Dexerto, which has been reshared as an Instagram post by tiktokinsiderinfo, Louise was very happy in her relationship with Lopez.

She said she and Lopez connected because they were social media menaces, and he was a Sagittarius, and she a Leo.

Ava Louise talks about her relationship with Monty Lopez

Ava Louise talks about her relationship with Monty Lopez. (Source: Instagram)

She even mentioned his family and said she wished for nothing but a happy blended family. 

Ava Louise on Flirting with Bryce Hall and Dating Monty Lopez 

Louise also addressed her past flirting with Bryce Hall. In January 2021, when Hall was dating Lopez’s daughter Addison Rae, the TikToker openly hit on Hall in her Instagram stories. Netizens thought her account was hacked, but she later clarified it was not. 

Louise revealed to Dexerto that Lopez was not the first dad she had dated and that she had ample experience being a stepmom. She added she would welcome Rae into her life with open arms. 

“I hope we can put the past behind us as I was on Adderall during my time pining for Bryce Hall, which dramatically increased my sex drive. I am now off Adderall and turned over a new leaf,” the controversial internet personality said. 


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And while she was at it, she also expressed her disapproval at the double standards between men and women who had a significantly older partner on TikTok

She noted that Yung Gravy was getting praised for dating a woman twice her age while she was getting hate for dating Lopez.

Netizens commented that as much as they did not agree with most of her online antics and the things she said, she made a logical point this time. “To be fair, she ain’t wrong, she’s wrong about most things, but this she ain’t wrong about,” commented a user on tiktokinsiders Instagram post. 

Netizens Think Ava Louise Is Being Satirical

Netizens have also reacted to her Dexerto comments in the tiktokinsiders’ Instagram post. 

They criticized Louise for her comments. “Wtf? Is she kidding, or what? Adopting Monty’s kids? This sounds so stupid,” a user commented.

“This is so disrespectful on a multitude of levels,” wrote another user, while a third one called her crazy and wrote, “Praying in church? Fire signs? There is something wrong with you.”

However, some users opined that the post was satirical, and that people needed to stop taking it seriously. 

“You all know ava is trolling like always, right? She may actually be with Monty, but her entire online existence is fake and satirical at this point,” commented a user. 

Meanwhile, a second user wrote, “Is this satire?? It has to be because there is actually no way that she said this?!” But whether or not her statements were satirical, netizens only want one thing — a response from Rae.