It is no secret that social media star Ava Louise built her whole online persona by being messy and troublesome.

The last time we reported on Louise, she was all over social media for kissing Monty Lopez and claiming she would be a good stepmother to Addison Rae and her brothers.

She received a lot of criticism for her comments, but instead of being remorseful, she is back at it, causing more drama, and this time she seems determined to bring Lopez’s ex, Sheri Easterling, down.

Ava Louise Makes Serious Allegations about Sheri Easterling

On August 30, 2022, the social media personality made serious allegations about Rae’s mother, alluding that Easterling was the reason she and Lopez drifted apart.

She also supported Lopez’s previous claims about how Easterling had prevented him from keeping in touch with his daughter and grandkids. "Sherri kept him from his daughter that's like 28," she said, adding, "cuz it wasn't hers."  

Ava Louise makes these serious allegations against Sheri Easterling.

Ava Louise makes serious allegations against Sheri Easterling. (Source: Instagram)

Neither Easterling nor Rae and Lopez have responded to the comments made by Louise at the time of writing.

Ava Louise Continues to Taunt Addison Rae Online

Besides making these serious allegations, Louise continued to taunt Rae on TikTok.

On August 24, 2022, The Daily Star Dust caught up with Rae and asked for her thoughts on her father dating Louise while she was out with her boyfriend, Omar Fedi.


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The TikToker did not respond to the paparazzi’s question and quickly got in the car and left the scene.

Louise stitched this video in her TikTok video, reacting to Rae’s response.

She lip-synced to Nicki Minaj’s statement, “I am not your enemy. I am your hero. You know cheer up. You should be happy I am here," and added the caption, “praying for a happy blended family soon.”

In another video, she showed text messages between her and Lopez.

The latter sent the former a picture of his abs from the gym and said he was “hitting that iron” for her. Louise also acknowledged that Lopez was her man with the sound she had used for the video.

Ava Louise Responds to Yung Gravy and Sheri Easterling’s Kiss

In a third video, the social media personality responded to Yung Gravy and Easterling’s now-viral MTV VMA kiss.


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Louise stitched the tea page, RiRi’s Tea’s video, where the user addressed the couple's kiss.

The user mentioned their joint appearance at the award show and said that Lopez might let everyone know his thoughts pretty soon.

And Louise let everyone know Lopez’s thoughts on everyone’s behalf. She shared a green screen of Lopez’s message that said unbothered with a kiss emoji.

“I just let him [Lopez] know and this is what he told me. Him and I are like super in love and supper happy. So we are both happy for them. Wish them the best and can’t wait to see them at Thanksgiving,” said Louise. In the caption, she noted she meant no bad vibes and loved her unique and blended family.