Over the past two years, the internet has seen a fair share of challenges and trends that make no sense. For example, in August, TikTok banned the milk crate challenge, saying it was too dangerous after several people got injured attempting to climb on a stack of milk crates.

However, the milk crate challenge is far more normal than the toilet eating TikTok trend that got popular on the massively popular video sharing platform. The trend was started by TikToker Amyy Woahh, who shared her “life hack” with millions of her fans.

You have been pooping wrong. What I want you to do is poop backwards. Get your favorite snacks, get your favorite show and that’s how you poop. It’s the best of all times. You just sit there jamming and pooping.

Soon, thousands of people expressed their thoughts on her life hack, with many saying it was absolutely disgusting. Some found humor in it, while the rest recommended people not to try it. Even experts warned against the trend, explaining that it could expose people to E. Coli infection.

Regardless of the thoughts of the masses, it didn’t take long for others to follow suit in the trend. One of the first ones to try Amyy Woahh’s idea was another TikToker named Karla from Texas, who joined in by watching Netflix on her iPad while drinking Corona and eating chips.

With more people following suit, the trend became known to a larger audience, and the backlash against it piled up exponentially. It might seem evident that toilet and food don’t go together, but it wasn’t the first or last time a trend or challenge relating to toilets had popped up on social media.

The Coronavirus Challenge

Almost a year before the toilet eating trend started, another TikToker named Ava Louise had stirred up a lot of controversy with her coronavirus challenge, which showed her licking an airplane toilet seat.

Needless to say, Louise received a lot of backlash for the video, but she told Insider that the ones who were speaking up against the coronavirus challenge were the boomers who were trying to drag her and the rest of Gen-Z. She added that many young people thought her stunt was funny and agreed with her take on boomers.

I’m one of the only ones brave enough to say it publicly, because we get dragged. The same older people dragging me are actually putting people in harm’s way. They’re gonna go to the grocery store and cough on people.

Another influencer who went by @gayshawnmendes on Twitter and Larz on YouTube joined Louise on the trend. He later made a video saying he tested positive for COVID-19 because of the challenge.

However, the video was recycled from one of his previous visits to the hospital and was just clickbait. His Twitter account was later suspended after receiving reports from people who found his video was a lie.

Aside from the toilet eating trend and coronavirus challenge, another video that went viral and received a lot of backlash was the video of a DIY toilet ice cream punch complete with a toilet sherbet, toilet punch bowl, and toilet ice cream. Even Lil Nas X commented on the thread.

However, the video was actually a parody video from The Anna Show, a Facebook page that parodies viral DIY hacks.