Actress Anya Taylor-Joy rose to international stardom by playing the role of a prodigious chess player, Beth Harmon, in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit. She also played the titular character in the 2020 comedy-drama remake of Jane Austin’s Emma.

Some of Anya’s other works include Peaky Blinders (2019), Glass (2019), Split (2016), and The Witch (2015). She has played varied characters in all the aforementioned movies and shows, and she is set to star in even more works.

Aside from her acting, Anya is often praised for her rare beauty, and some have even speculated about the actress having done plastic surgery. However, Anya’s rumors aren’t based on anything other than some fans pointing out her changes over the years.

And while Anya herself hasn’t spoken about ever doing plastic surgery, she has been very open about her beauty routine.

Doesn’t Wear Makeup Except When Working

When talking to W Magazine, The Queen’s Gambit star revealed she avoided wearing makeup when not working.

Unless I’m working, I don’t really wear makeup… I don’t have the skill! The most I’ll do is stick on some lipstick (deep purples or reds are my favorites) and whatever mascara my sister has in her cabinet.

Anya also doesn’t do much exercise, as she’s active throughout the day, especially when she’s working. She also tries to walk to her destination if she has the time.

Got Into Skin Care Because Of Frances Cha

Anya wasn’t big on skincare initially but changed her mind later as her skin was essential in her work. Another thing that helped her was reading If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha. Though it’s a fiction book and not about skincare, it inspired her to care for her skin.

I never washed my face or paid attention to skin care until about two years ago when I suddenly realized I should probably start taking care of the thing I use to work with. I read an incredible book called If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha.

Anya further added that the book taught her about skincare in Korea and got her to be more serious about taking care of herself. She also expressed her gratitude to the author and her work of fiction.

Anya Taylor-Joy Is Into Anything Ridiculous

Though Anya started getting serious about skincare later, she is now very passionate about it. One self-care practice she loves is baths with salts and essential oils. Anya says her love for baths was instilled in her by her mother, and she likes to make a ritual out of it.

Anya is also into more modern treatments such as cryotherapy, which involves treating the body using cold temperature. However, when talking to Elle, Anya revealed she was into anything ridiculous.