Born in Ipswich, England, Ralph Fiennes is a renowned English actor with multiple Golden Globe Award and Academy Award nominations.

His most notable film roles include Nazi war criminal Amon Göth in Schindler's List, Count Almásy in The English Patient, Monsieur Gustave H. in The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Orlando Oxford in The King's Man.

Similarly, he famously starred in the Harry Potter film series between 2005 and 2011, playing the franchise's principal antagonist, Lord Voldemort.

But what his impressive portfolio does not show is the struggles that he experienced in his childhood and the early days of his career.

Ralph Fiennes' Parents Struggled to Make Ends Meet

Ralph is the son of Mark Fiennes, a farmer and photographer, and Jennifer Lash, a writer. And sadly, both of his parents are no longer alive.

Speaking with The Guardian's Xan Brooks in December 2011, the actor humbly shared that he didn't have an ideal childhood, as his family moved 14 times in as many years, hopping from Suffolk to Ireland to Wiltshire to London.

He even joked about it, saying that it was good preparation for his life as an actor.

However, back then, he was uncertain about his career and couldn't control the family's migration. They moved to places based on where his father found his next job. 

"My parents were very financially challenged. All of us children have the memory of being told that there was no money, we have to sell this, there's no presents for Christmas," he recalled.

But the family somehow managed to find love between them despite the poverty and unsettled household.

Ralph Fiennes Was Blessed with Five Siblings

Ralph wasn't the only child of his parents. He has five younger biological siblings: three brothers and two sisters.

An old picture of Ralph Fiennes (right) posing with his siblings Joseph Fiennes (from the left), Sophie Fiennes, and Michael Emery.

An old picture of Ralph Fiennes (right) posing with his siblings Joseph Fiennes (from the left), Sophie Fiennes, and Michael Emery. (Photo: Twitter)

For those who inquired if Ralph and Joseph Fiennes were related, yes, they are related. They are blood brothers, both of whom are celebrated Hollywood stars.

His other siblings are Martha Fiennes, Magnus Fiennes, Sophie Fiennes, and Jacob Fiennes.

During the same conversation with Brooks, the actor admitted that he and his siblings shared rooms, piled into bunk beds, and scrapped for space while they were growing up.

Meanwhile, they had books to read and woods to play in. They were also offered support and encouragement, which gently nudged them all down the creative paths.

Besides his five siblings, Ralph also has a foster brother, Michael Emery, who is an archaeologist.

Below is a listicle of what Ralph's siblings do:

Joseph Fiennes:

Known by many, Ralph's younger brother Joseph is also an actor who has played the role of William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love.

Besides, he has starred in Enemy at the Gates, Luther, American Horror Story, and The Handmaid's Tale.

Martha Fiennes:

Martha, Ralph's sister and the eldest daughter of the actor's parents, is a film director, writer, and producer known for her work in Onegin and Chromophobia.

Magnus Fiennes:

Unlike his brothers, Magnus didn't choose the acting profession. But he stayed in the industry and showcased his talent as a composer, record producer, and songwriter.

So far, he has worked with artists such as Shakira, Pulp, Tom Jones, and Morcheeba and produced the million-selling All Saints single 'Never Ever' in 1997.

Sophie Fiennes:

Sophie is also a filmmaker, just like her elder sister Martha. She works as a film director and producer, including Drowning by Numbers, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, and Prospero's Books.

She also formerly managed the UK-based dance company, The Michael Clark Company.

Jacob Fiennes:

Jacob, who is also Joseph's twin brother, is a conservationist. He manages a very low-key lifestyle.