Actress Anya Chalotra is known for her work in the ongoing popular Netflix television series The Witcher. In the show, she is seen in the role of Yennefer of Vengerberg alongside actor Henry Cavill.

Additionally, Chalotra is also noted for her work in the 2018 British drama series, Wanderlust

Getting to Know Anya Chalotra's Roots and Her Parents

Chalotra is a Lower Penn native. Lower Penn is a village in South Staffordshire, located in the southwest of Wolverhampton in West Midlands.

She grew up in a household of mixed heritage, as her parents belong to different countries and cultures. Her father, Madan Chalotra, is of Indian descent, while Chalotra's mother, April Chalotra, is British.

The Witcher actress has two siblings, an older sister named Reeya Chalotra and a younger brother, Arun Chalotra, who is a London-based photographer and designer.

In 2019, the television actress revisited her roots as she embarked upon a journey to India, and during her trip, she sat down with Vogue India for an in-depth interview.

Chalotra's talent and ability were discovered at an early age, after her father gave her the spotlight during one of their family events.

The actress was eight-year-old when her father asked Chalotra to come forward and sing an Indian song while their family members watched in amusement.

Additionally, as a result of her parent's sound upbringings, Chalotra seemingly hasn't forgotten her Indian roots. The claim can be justified based on the many pictures of India and Indian culture shared on her official Instagram accounts.

In August 2018, Chalotra posted a series of old pictures which showcased the then-Indian society and captioned her post with the text,

Getting my Mama to dig up old photos of family in India. #TheVillage My heart is full. @theatre_royal_stratford_east

The post also includes an old picture of her parents posing for the photo at a local Indian-style furniture warehouse. And in an earlier Instagram post, a young Chalotra can be seen smiling while she stands in-between her parents. 

In October 2019, Chalotra shared a picture on her social media taken during her trip to Rajasthan, India. In the image, an older man in a traditional outfit can be seen holding a cultural musical instrument.

Anya Chalotra's Casting in 'The Witcher'

Initially, Chalotra's casting in the role of Yennefer wasn't welcomed by fans of the novel, who were eagerly anticipating for the novel-based series to start.

Per the report, Chalotra was ridiculed and labeled as ingenue, or a typecast in simple terms — an incompetent choice for a highly complex character.

In her recollection of the incident, the actress said,

When I got the part, the fans got a hold of the news pretty quickly. I started getting a lot of attention, which was both negative and positive.

As a consequence of the mockery faced by the actress, she ended up shutting down her social media accounts.

The thought process behind her decision to take a hiatus from her social accounts was down to the actress's wish for her character to evolve organically without inviting any pressure to her work.