If you've watched the binge-worthy dramedy Ginny & Georgia, you'll recognize Antonia Gentry, who stars as the titular character Ginny Miller. 

The actress skyrocketed to stardom after playing Ginny, and her parents admittedly could not be more proud of her. 

Antonia Gentry's Parents Are Proud 

In March 2021, Gentry appeared on The Ellen Show and shared that her parents were over the moon about her success on the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia.

She explained she recently moved back home, and her parents talked about the show every day. "My mom has seen it thirty times," she stated, insisting that it was not an exaggeration. 

We got a screener back in December, so I had access to the show. She has since then watched the show every single day. So she’s the number one fan for sure. 

Gentry, born to parents of different ethnicities (American father and Jamaican American mother), plays a biracial character in the show. 

During the interview, the starlet opened up about major topics like microaggressions tackled in the series. 

Antonia Gentry on Microaggressions

Ginny and Georgia is about Ginny and her mother, Georgia Miller, played by Brianne Howey.

In the story, the mother-daughter duo moves to a small town in New England and deals with teen angst and cute boys. While the series is fun from the surface, it deals with riskier storylines. 

The show tackles sensitive topics like mental health struggles and self-harm and features all-inclusive characters, even of different sexual orientations.

15-year-old Ginny's coming-of-age journey is complex, especially as a mixed-race girl growing up in a racist country.

Antonia Gentry says her parents are proud of her.

Antonia Gentry at the 100th anniversary of Chanel No. 5 fragrance in November 2021. (Source: Antonia Gentry/Instagram)

In the interview, Gentry told Twitch that her real-life experiences inspired some dialogues related to microaggression while filming.

She mentioned that in the show, her friends asked her insensitive questions like, "what are you? you look so exotic."

They questioned her "which of [her] parents were white" and made comments about how they wanted to have mixed-race babies but did not want to deal with the hair.

She also noted that one of the characters, Brody, told her she looked better with straight hair. 

The budding actress revealed that she had received those comments in real life as well. She added her peers said so without "realizing how hurtful those comments were." 

Antonia Gentry on Playing Ginny

Apart from Gentry's similarities with Ginny, there are also some differences between her and her character, which she shared with Teen Vogue in February 2021. 


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One of the most obvious distinctions for her was the ethnicity of her real-life mother and reel-life mother.

Gentry uttered that she and her Jamaican American mother were very close and she could confide her secrets to her. 

Her mother understood her whenever she felt a certain way about her identity and knew how to do her hair. 

Meanwhile, Ginny's mother is an American. The actress acknowledged that Ginny's mother tried her best, but there were some fundamental things she could not relate to because of the racial divide.

Hence, Ginny's mother ended up making mistakes. This also drove a wedge between the mother and daughter, resulting in secrets and miscommunication.