If you have watched Ginny and Georgia, you would recognize Antonia Gentry, who stars as the titular character Ginny Miller.

The show is a tale about the three characters, thirty-year-old Georgia and her 15-year-old daughter Ginny and younger son Austin, and their "dream" lives ahead in the fictional Massachusetts town of Wellsbury after the death of Georgie's husband Anthony Green. 

After the show's successful season 2  as a rating magnet (No. 1 spot on the Netflix Top 10 for four weeks straight), fans are now expecting that the network will renew the story for season 3

But the story of the series isn't that of an urban family drama.

The show rather depicts a revealing tone of a mystery thriller with subtle humor from the characters, who knowingly and unknowingly are haunted by the past.

The main protagonist, Georgia (Brianna Howey) lives a life of a loving mother dedicated to protecting her kids and close circles and providing them with a happy life.

But in the journey, she commits crimes and murders people, including her husband, often for the greater good.  

And there is a role-reversal equation between the mother-daughter duo, and plenty of funny banters in between. 

But these are not the only things the series promises to offer. 

The series tackles discrimination, mental health issues, and sexual orientation, including teenage angst and problems.

And while Ginny might have boy problems (Marcus breaks up with her in season 2), Gentry's love life is seemingly free from the drama in real life. Here is everything we know about her personal life and boyfriend. 

Unlike her character torn between two suitors, Gentry has eyes only for her musician boyfriend, Ezra Pounds.

He is associated with musical groups such as The Hensleys, Atlanta Space Quartet, and Pull Up 

Read the article in full to know about the dating life of Atlanta native Antonia Bonea Gentry, who was born on 25 September 1997. Also, get information on her age, parents, net worth, height, and ethnicity.

Antonia Gentry's Relationship with Boyfriend 

According to Pop Sugar, Gentry, and Pounds have been together since 2012. 

The duo presumably met at Davidson Fine Arts high school and started dating.

They went Instagram official with their relationship in 2019 during Valentine's Day. 

"Happy Valentine's Day to my love forever. Big things are coming your way fast. I'll be here with you the whole way through," wrote Gentry's boyfriend for her during the special occasion. 

Antonia Gentry's boyfriend, Ezra Pounds

Antonia Gentry's boyfriend, Ezra Pounds. (Source: Ezra Pounds/Instagram)

The composer dedicated a lovely message for Gentry's 22nd birthday on September 25, 2019.

He commended her work ethic and claimed that Gentry was one of the most ambitious and talented artists who motivated him. 

Pounds also promoted Gentry's Netflix series in a dedicated Instagram post.

He expressed his excitement for his "best friend, soulmate, and lover" and urged all of his followers to watch Ginny and Georgia when it premiered.

Since making their relationship official, the two posted multiple pictures of each other on social media.

However, they have now deleted most of the posts, seemingly trying to keep their relationship on the down low. 

Antonia Gentry's Boyfriend Ezra on his Music 

Ezra Pounds' Instagram page reveals that he is an Atlanta-based singer, music producer, and composer. 

During an interview with The Music Enthusiast Vlog in June 2021, the musician opened up about his musical journey.


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And as for his latest song 'Bestfriend,' Pounds mentioned he made the song's beat in early 2019 but didn't use it at the time.

He revisited his works around a year later and found the beat during quarantine. He worked on it and completed the song, releasing the number in July 2021.

Did Pounds write His Song 'Bestfriend' for His Girlfriend Antonia Gentry?

Pounds didn't directly reveal that he covered his dating life in his new music. He, however, said that he got inspiration from nature and personal connections when making music.


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He revealed that his new song 'Bestfriend" also incorporated the memories of the quarantine with "specific people," hinting towards his relationship with his girlfriend Gentry.

"There's definitely themes of dating and romance...but more than that, its a song about having that person in your life that you are willing to go as far as taking a bullet for because you know you love them that much," he shared.  


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According to Pounds, he has been a musician for as long as he can remember.

He started playing violin and piano at 11 and became serious about music when he joined high school.

He ended up studying music at Georgia State University. He studied music technology and learned how to record and produce.

The musical artist shared that it was difficult to break into the music industry, and thus his primary job was giving private violin and piano lessons to students as a teacher. 

The Candy Jar star has made her parents proud. Her mother is her no.1 fan and watches her episodes regularly and would talk about her show every day at home with her dad, Antonia said to The Ellen Show in 2021. 

Antonia Gentry's Parents, Networth & Ethnicity

Indeed, her parents have been one happy bunch because of her success. Their daughter at the mere age of 25 has an estimated net worth of $300,000. 

But not just the money, being an actor with mixed ethnicity is itself hard for anyone to get and sustain stable roles in the industry. But Gentry has done it at such a young age and she seems to have a bright furture ahead.


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If you didn't know, the five feet and 1 inch (1.5m) tall star's father is an American whereas her mother is a Jamaican American.