Anthony Rapp is planning a wedding to get married to his future husband, Ken Ithiphol. 

Rapp is an openly queer actor who is loud and proud of his sexual orientation. He has identified as such since he was 12. 

He was forced to come out after being caught with a boy by another parent. As a result, his mother found out and confronted him.

He knew he was queer; even so, he felt shame after admitting it to his mother. He only came to terms with his sexual identity after falling in love with a boy at 18. 

Then, he officially came out to his family. His father was okay, but his mother was upset. 

However, she came to understand her son before she died in 1997.

In an interview with Oasis magazine in 1997, Rapp explained why he preferred to be identified as queer instead of gay.

Anthony Rapp posing with his partner, Ken Ithiphol.

Anthony Rapp posing with his partner, Ken Ithiphol. (Source: Instagram)

He explained he had not labeled himself with anything except saying he was queer. He admitted he had also been in love with women but was "primarily homosexual."

Rapp is currently in a relationship with Ithiphol. They are engaged to be married. 

Anthony Rapp and His Future Husband, Ken Ithiphol

Rapp met his partner, Ithiphol, in 2016. The love birds shared their love story in an interview with Star Trek.

Back then, Rapp was touring with Idina Menzel for If/Then. Ithiphol had seen the show in New York. But Rapp wasn't present at the show because of a knee injury.   

Later, the tour happened in LA, and Ithiphol, a "semi-musical theatre nerd," went to watch the show again. This time, he saw Rapp and made the first move. 

Rapp admitted he was someone who always responded to messages on social media. So when Ithiphol texted him "hello," during the intermission, he replied. 

Rapp scheduled a meeting for the two, and they met on the street. The Rent star dubbed their first time as a "magnetizing moment."

Soon, the two started dating and bonded over their similar passions like yoga, travel, and theater. 

The pair has been together through dark times in their life. For example, Ithiphol was by his partner's side when Rapp came out with his accusations against Kevin Spacey

It was difficult for Rapp, but he could come out and expose Spacey and his nasty behavior with his beau's support. 

Anthony Rapp and Ken Ithiphol's Double Engagement 

Rapp often posts about his beau on his Instagram and shares their personal life on social media. He did the same when he first proposed to his future husband. 

In November 2019, the actor uploaded a photo of him and Ithiphol, who proudly showed off his engagement ring.

In the caption, Rapp disclosed that he asked Ithiphol to get married to him, and the latter said yes. 

Fast forward to March 2020, the pair got engaged again. This time, Ithiphol asked Rapp to be his husband. 

The actor uploaded a beautiful picture of the pair in Boynton Canyon, where his partner was on his knees. He confessed he was blown away by the gesture and said yes. 

The couple has already made plans to get married. They picked a venue in Brooklyn and described it as "a renovated open raw space, kind of warehousing type of feel."

They admitted that some "aspects of wedding" are too traditional for them. So, they plan to get married in a way that is an expression of who they are. 

Rapp and Ithiphol have not announced the wedding date yet.