Angela Simmons recently sat with Hollywood Life to promote her new television show Just Angela, launched toward the end of March 2021.

During the chat, she opened up about her past heartbreaks, potential boyfriend, and provided insight into her current dating status.

The businesswoman, on her show, shares her personal experience in business, and at the same time, provides relationships and life tips to inspire others.

“We have all been through breakups and heartbreaks and you know, I am just helping people in this show to get to the next spot,” Simmons said of her show. 

She then touched upon her dating status and said, “there’s a lot going on,” in her life which she wanted everyone to “watch and see.”

Angela Simmons' Dating History and Tragic Past

In August 2020, Simmons announced that she was dating boxer, Daniel Jacobs.

However, around January 2021, she reportedly deleted all the photographs involving Jacobs from her social media.

Simmons, who likes to discuss love, loss, and healing on her show Just Angela, has overcome a tragic past which involves her former boyfriend, Sutton Tennyson.

Angela Simmons with her son from her deceased boyfriend.

Angela Simmons with her son Sutton Tennyson Jr. posing for a photograph at an indoor location. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

On November 3, 2018, Tennyson died after being shot multiple times in the garage of an Atlanta building after he was involved in an argument with two other people.

The couple has a son named Sutton Tennyson Jr., born two months after their 2016 split.

“I remember like yesterday when everything happened, when he passed,” Simmons reportedly said in her recollection.

Simmons revealed that she underwent therapy following Tennyson’s death, as she failed to process his untimely passing. 

Simmons had to raise her son as a single mother, and during the conversation, the entrepreneur confessed she missed her deceased boyfriend as she had so much on the table.

Luckily, the therapy which she took “like two, three times a week” helped a numbed Simmons to get to the other side of life.

However, her life struggles would not just stop there. 

Years after coming to terms with her personal loss, her son would frequently ask her about the whereabouts of his father.

“How do you tell you four-year-old why his dad is not here?” other than he’s in heaven or he’s with God,” Simmons said.

The television host said she had never experienced anything as such “so close up” in her life. She also stated that raising a child alone was never in her life plan.

Angela Simmons' deceased boyfriend with his son.

Angela Simmons' deceased Boyfriend Sutton Tennyson posing for a photograph with his son. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Further, Simmons wished her deceased boyfriend “could be here” for his son and that he would be so proud.”

“My child’s father didn’t even get to see him speak,” said a grieving Simmons.

Bow Wow Used to be Simmons' Boyfriend

Prior to meeting Tennyson, the television personality was the childhood sweetheart of rapper Bow Wow

They first met during their early teenage years at a Word Up! Magazine photoshoot.

However, Simmons had admitted that she had a childhood crush on the rapper prior to their eventual meeting.

Reportedly, the ex-couple began dating in 2006, with Simmons even appearing in the music video of Bow Wow’s evergreen hit single for ‘Shortie Like Mine.’

During a preview meeting for 2017’s show Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta, Simmons was reunited with the rapper’s mother, Teresa, with whom she briefly discussed where the relationship with her son went wrong.

“He was not ready. It was a long time ago,” Simmons remarked while Bow Wow’s mother noted she is one of her “favorites” but claimed that her son was “too young” to be in a relationship.