Ana Navarro honored her late mom Violeta Flores Lopez as she turned 50 on December 28, 2021. 

The View guest co-host posted a picture from her first birthday on her Instagram and paid tribute to her mother through an emotionally lengthy caption. 

"This is a picture of my first birthday," she began, noting it was also the first one without her mother.

Then she recounted how her mother used to make her each birthday memorable when she was a little girl in Nicaragua. 

Ana Navarro Remembers Her Mom

In her own words, Navarro's birthdays would start with the singing of 'Las Mañanitas' by mariachis outside her window.

Even when she got older and moved away from her parents, her mother would always be the first person to call her, no matter the time difference.

She would wish her and pass the phone to her dad, Augusto Navarro. 

"What I would give to hear my mom's voice again," Navarro penned, sharing that her dad called her alone that day.

She mentioned her father wanted to be with her on her 50th birthday but couldn't because he tested positive for COVID-19.

Ana Navarro's mom Violeta Flores Lopez in November 2021.

Ana Navarro's mom Violeta Flores Lopez in November 2021. (Photo: Ana Navarro/Instagram)

At the end of her message, the television personality urged her followers to make happy memories with people they loved. She warned them not to take even the little things for granted. 

"Happy memories will be with you always," Navarro thoughtfully wrote before expressing her disbelief at being 50. 

Fellow television personalities and her friends rushed to the comment section to wish Navarro a happy birthday and empathize with her. 

"What a beautiful memory," news correspondent Gio Benitez remarked, adding, "She is most certainly with you, celebrating by your side."

Fellow broadcaster Maria Elena Salinas also chimed in, suggesting Navarro count her blessing despite all odds. 

"You better put some respect on 50!" Holly Robinson Peete commented. She also added, "You are so fabulous. 50s going to be a breeze for you... Her love is shining down on you."

Ana Navarro Lost Her Mom in 2021

Navarro's mother passed away on December 14, 2021, at her home in Nicaragua, at 81. A day later, Navarro took to Instagram to disclose the saddening news. 

Ana Navarro celebrated 2021 Thanksgiving with her mom and dad in Nicaragua.

Ana Navarro celebrated 2021 Thanksgiving with her mom and dad in Nicaragua. (Photo: Ana Navarro/Instagram)

Navarro shared she could not visit her in Nicaragua because "the dictator there has denied entry to media," and her parents asked her not to come for her safety.  

The political commentator clarified her dad was with her mother — they were married for over six decades — when she took her last breath. 

As per her accounts, her mother had been very ill for four months, and her family knew it was coming.

She even thought she was ready for the inevitable but wondered if it was ever possible to "be ready to lose your parents."

"I'm very sad," Navarro stated, remarking it was a privilege to live for fifty long years with her ever-loving guardian.

She also shared that she would miss her mom yet carry her love and lessons for the rest of her life.