For the past few days, Amanda Diaz has been living it up while vacationing in Ibiza, Spain. As a content creator with a substantial following, she has shared many bikini pictures on Instagram and TikTok videos. 

But when she uploaded a TikTok on June 6, 2022, she found herself on tea channels and at the center of breakup rumors. 

In the video, someone whose hands were only exposed fed her a piece of bread. The hand had tattoos, and it was obvious it was not her boyfriend, Kio Cyr. 

A user even stated in the comments section it was not Cyr, to which Diaz replied, “I can have friends. LMAO.”

Another user asked the TikToker to spill the details of her relationship with her boyfriend, but instead of revealing, she just asked the user to “respectfully” stop asking about her personal life. 

Amanda Diaz Calls Boyfriend Kio Cyr Her Best Friend

The original Tiktokroom took snapshots of these comments between Diaz and the users and shared them on their Instagram. 

Netizens in the comment section noted they were convinced Diaz and Cyr had broken up. 

“Yeah, they ain’t together why is another guy feeding her lol,” commented one user. “No guy except your man should be feeding you period,” wrote another person. 

Some users even thought Diaz and Cyr had broken up because Cyr probably cheated on her just like he had cheated on his former girlfriend, Olivia Ponton.

Amanda Diaz asks people to stop asking if she and her boyfriend Kio Cyr had a breakup

Amanda Diaz asks people to stop asking if she and her boyfriend Kio Cyr had a breakup. (Source: Instagram)

But some users defended her by asking people to stop overreacting to what might be a casual video. 

“She’s on vacation with friends and everyone is overreacting. They can both have friends and be faithful,” wrote one user who was seemingly on Diaz’s side. 

And the user was right. According to internet sleuths, the tattooed hands belonged to Diaz’s friend Romane Royale who is also vacationing in Ibiza with Diaz. 

Anyway, before netizens could speculate further, Diaz took to comment section and wrote

“Kio is my best friend and literally nothing has happened, I’m just so tired of the invasive questions regarding my life. It gets overwhelming.”

Amanda Diaz and Kio Cyr’s Relationship

Although Diaz did not address whether she and Cyr were still dating, many netizens assumed they had a breakup because she called him her best friend instead of her boyfriend. 


A post shared by Kio Cyr (@kiocyr)

One user wrote, “Girl, we know yall broke up, just say that,” while another wrote, “why did she say he’s her best friend and not her boyfriend?”

However, some netizens were still convinced the duo had not broken up. They said Diaz’s boyfriend could also be her best friend. Their breakup is just speculation, for neither party has confirmed anything. 

Additionally, they have not deleted pictures of each other from their Instagram, and Cyr even has a picture of him and Diaz pinned on his Instagram. 

The couple was initially best friends, which Cyr told Hollywire in June 2021. He said he was single and did not want to risk his friendship with Diaz by dating her. 

But by December 2021, it looked like he had changed his mind. He and Diaz were dating and posting loved-up pictures on their Instagram.