A few months ago, Kio Cyr chatted with Hollywire right before the Youtubers VS TikTokers fight in Miami. 

The social media star talked about which fight he was most excited about and which one he was nervous to see. He also shared his Miami bucket list, which was to be on a boat and go to clubs.

But one topic most fans were curious about was his relationship with his rumored girlfriend, Amanda Diaz. 

Cyr revealed he was just friends with Diaz and did not want to ruin the friendship by turning it into a relationship. He then confirmed he was still single


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But it looks like their friendship has morphed into something more over the past five months as the duo are currently in a relationship.

They have been posting many loved-up photos on their Instagram. However, it is not confirmed when they started dating.

But based on Diaz's recent rant, it looks like the couple is already facing some issues. 

Kio Cyr's Girlfriend Amanda Diaz Calls Out Alliyah

On December 5, Diaz uploaded a pointed TikTok video with the caption "embarrassing."

Using the text outlay, she revealed that a girl who used to talk to Cyr before her had flown halfway across the world to win him back.

She was also lip-syncing to Brandy and Monica's 'That Boy Is Mine.'

In the comments, TikTokers began guessing who she was referring to. One user asked if she was talking about Olivia Ponton, but Diaz assured them she wasn't.

Another group of users thought it was Alliyah, and some even tagged her in the post.


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Diaz liked one of these comments, seemingly confirming she was referring to Alliyah. 

Immediately after Diaz made the infamous TikTok video, she took to her IG live to give full details.

She claimed Alliyah knew she and Cyr were together, but Alliyah still talked about her and claimed Cyr was obsessed with her.

Keep my boyfriend’s name out of your mouth. He’s in a relationship. He’s been in a relationship for months now. And you don’t let this go.

In the comment section, she clarified that she rarely aired out such matters on the internet, but Alliyah had disrespected her too much for her to let it slide. 

Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton


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Before dating Diaz, Cyr was in a relationship with Ponton. 

The two were first romantically linked in February last year after teasing fans for months with flirty videos and photos.

The two reportedly dated for a few months before they called it quit in June 2020. 

According to Dexerto, Ponton had revealed their breakup in a series of Instagram posts.

"Some beautiful things come to an end. I forever wish you the best. Thank you for everything, I appreciate you always," she wrote in her IG story.  

Cyr too seemed to echo Ponton's sentiments, tweeting that Ponton would always have her heart.