Did Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak break up? Or are they back together?

Fans are dying to know the answer to that after TikTok star Ponton, and UCLA Women Soccer team player, Kai Novak, aka Kaila Novak, made headlines.

A few weeks ago, the duo subtly let fans know they had ended their relationship after Novak revealed in a TikTok video that she got stood up on a coffee date. 

The date was not with Ponton because she was in New York while Novak was at college at UCLA. And as fans dug for answers, TikTok user Sf Crawford uploaded a TikTok that claimed that Ponton had offered to fly out a guy to L.A. when Novak was still her girlfriend. 


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He was the same guy Ponton had duetted with back in February, asking him to be her Valentine. Fans accused Ponton of cheating on Novak and called them on their fake relationship. 

Although the duo did not address their breakup directly, many fans were convinced they had broken up. But recently, Ponton posted an IGTV video that has fans in a frenzy. 

Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak Back Together

On September 22, Ponton uploaded an IGTV video on her Instagram titled “On My Path- Another NY Adventure.” Ponton does short video series on her IGTV, and one of them is “On My Path’ where she takes viewers on tour to different places in New York. 

This time she took viewers to Central Park. She explained that the park was huge with little gardens inside and that she was taking the viewers on a walk to some of it, not all, because the park was 6 miles. 

The video featured different parts of the park, and about 38 seconds into the video, Novak appeared. She was dressed in an oversized white t-shirt and had a messy bun. 

In the next scene, Novak carried her piggyback style, and after that, they walked side-by-side. Ponton even had her arms around Novak as they enjoyed their walk. She also showed viewers the spot where Gossip Girl characters Chuck and Blair got married. 

She continued to explore the park before taking a snack break. After that, she rested at a spot and explained the history behind the park. During this time, Novak did not make an appearance. 

After uploading this video, Ponton deleted it for reasons unknown. 

Olivia Ponton’s Questionable Post

But right after she deleted the video, she uploaded another IGTV video with another girl named Olivia. In the video, the girls styled each other, but before they got into that, Ponton explained how they met. 

She explained that fans would tag her in Olivia’s video of her doing cool body flips on the beach, and because they both had blonde hair and the same physique, people would mistake Olivia for Ponton. 

In the video’s comment section, fans asked her why she had taken down the video with Novak. 

So far, Ponton has not explained why she did that.