Alice Braga is a talented Brazilian actress and producer who is renowned for her roles as Angélica in the acclaimed film City of God, Karinna in the drama film Lower City, and Dolores in another drama film, Only God Knows.

In recent years, she famously played the lead role of Teresa Mendoza in the crime drama television series Queen of the South. She also filled the shoes of a co-executive producer on the show.

Coming to her personal life, Braga is reportedly a lesbian and presently relishes a gay relationship with actress Bianca Comparato.

Those details also end the possibility of the actress being married to a husband [a man] — queries like "is Alice Braga married?" have been searched a lot by her fans on the internet.

Alice Braga and Bianca Comparato Reportedly Dating since 2017

According to multiple online sources, Braga and Comparato started dating each other around 2017, making their relationship over four-year-old as of this writing.


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However, despite being together for such a long time, the two kept their romance under wraps and reportedly confirmed the details only in January 2020.

That said, Braga's advisory — while releasing the details — implied that the couple's closest friends and family were aware of the relationship, and they only hid the information from the public to keep their personal life private.

In addition, the Queen of the South star lived in the United States most of the time because of her works, while Comparato, who starred in the Netflix-exclusive series 3%, resided in Brazil. Because of that, they were forced to manage a long-distance relationship.

Meet Alice Braga’s Gay Partner Bianca Comparato

Braga's alleged gay partner, Comparato, is a famous Brazilian actress best known for starring in the critically acclaimed Brazilian film Como Esquecer in 2010 and Somos tão Jovens in 2013.


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The actress, 35, is the daughter of the writer Doc Comparato and the older sister of actress and presenter Lorena Comparato.

Fans Are in Awe of Alice Braga and Bianca Comparato

Since the relationship between Braga and Comparato became public, fans have constantly expressed their love for the couple.

In a June 2020 tweet, a dedicated fan page of Braga shared a series of the couple's pictures, emphasizing that people need to share the love with all the world.

Similarly, another fan page of Braga on Instagram shared a snap of Braga and Comparato, alongside their dog, where they happily posed for the picture.

"Good day to you two young lady," a fan commented on the post.

Another chimed, "omg love the family portrait!!!"

There is also a YouTube channel [titled: alice braga], presumably managed by one of her many fans, which is also filled with a few videos of the couple, one of which is an online interview during quarantine.

In the said video, they sat down together to interview one of their friends from the film industry.