As with many other artists in the industry, fans have long speculated that Julian Morris is, in fact, gay. 

Morris attained stardom after starring in the 2005 movie Cry Wolf and is best known for his roles in Pretty Little Liars, Man in an Orange Shirt, and New Girl. While his roles in the above-mentioned works have helped him garner a massive fandom, one of them also gave rise to his gay rumors. 

It All Began On-Screen

Man in an Orange Shirt is arguably Morris' most well-received work to date. The TV mini series narrates the story of Morris' character, Adam Berryman, a gay man suppressing his identity because of the shame inflicted by his grandmother. 

In an interview with Iris Covet Book, Morris said the movie showcased a story that he felt was really important to tell. He also found the character to be painful yet moving. 

While it might be considered as a testament to his acting prowess, soon after the series went on air, fans began speculating if the actor was gay in real life as well. 

Is Julian Morris Gay?

In February 2020, a user on Twitter named @colinfarrall claimed to have found concrete proof that Morris was in a relationship with another guy. The tweet came with two snaps attached. 

The first one featured Morris and another guy outdoors, possibly on a hike. The second snap framed two men sharing a kiss. However, the photo does not reveal Morris' face, and hence there was no way to tell if it was actually him. 

The other man in the pictures, though, was a known friend of Morris—Landon Ross. Not just that, their regular appearances on one another's social media feeds seem to indicate that Morris and Ross are pretty close.

Celebrating One Another on Social Media

Both Morris and Ross routinely tag each other on their posts, and fans even celebrate the two as a couple in the comments section.

Take, for instance, his latest post on Instagram. The post made on April 2, 2021, featured a slideshow of snaps of Morris in his Islington apartment, basking in the first rays of the morning sun. The last picture in the series framed what appeared to be a decorative window of sorts and had Ross tagged alongside it. 

The same can be observed on Ross' Instagram profile as well. A significant number of posts made on either of the two's Instagram either features the other or at the very least mentions the other via a tag. 

Morris' Rumored Girlfriend

That being said, several outlets have also speculated that Morris is in a relationship with actress Sarah Bolger. The evidence that most of these sites cited came from Instagram as well. 

Back in 2014, Morris uploaded a snap of Bolger on his Instagram where the actress was caught staring off into the distance against a backdrop of a green forest. She wore a thick black jacket to keep off the cold. 

While the snap could have meant anything, the caption was where the mist actually began to lift. In the caption, Morris called Bolger, "My gorgeous." 

Still, Morris has mostly kept his romantic life to himself and has not explicitly confirmed either of the two relationships to fans or publications. And for those still questioning, "Is Julian Morris Gay?," well, the jury is still out on that one.