If you have ever tuned into American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, This Is Us, and Virgin River, chances are you are already acquainted with Alexandra Breckenridge

But even if you have followed her through these smash hit shows, you might not have noticed the actress’ few tattoos on different parts of her body.

Not only are Breckenridge’s inks in inconspicuous places, but she also usually covers them up when acting. That is because the characters she inhabited were not the tattooed type.

However, fans can catch glimpses of her body art on red carpets or on Instagram in personal photos, ranging from her shoulder to her toes.

And if you were wondering about her mysterious tattoos and their meanings, here is a breakdown. 

Alexandra Breckenridge’s Tattoos with Meanings

It is unconfirmed just how many tattoos the actress has, for she has been showing less of them since becoming a mother, but according to The List, she has at least four that everyone seems to know of. 

Her first tattoo is the letter “N” with a flourish design behind it on the back of her shoulder, According to Inked Celebs, the design was initially a fairy, but she later covered it up to include the letter.

Although the actress has never addressed it, the letter N probably commemorates someone near and dear to her, like her mother, Nan Featherington Breckenridge. 

One of the many tattoos  Alexandra Breckenridge.has

Alexandra Breckenridge and her shoulder tattoo. (Source: Instagram)

Her second tattoo is a swirl on her shoulder that looks like a triskelion. The triskelion is a symbol of continuous movement.

It represents life and death, eternal life and rebirth, and the three spirals stand for the mind, body, and spirit, as well as the past, present, and future. This body art proves that Breckenridge has a spiritual side, and that she puts a lot of thought into her body ink. 

Another visible body ink the actress has is of a fairy, most likely a pixie, given the pointy ear. Breckenridge is probably trying to express her whimsical side, as fairy tattoos are usually associated with magic and playfulness.

And lastly, the actress has a spider on her toes. It is unclear what species the spider is, but the most common spider tattoo people get is of a black widow that represents a strong and confident woman. 

Alexandra Breckenridge’s Husband Is a Tattoo Aficionado 

Breckenridge is not the only tattoo enthusiast in the family. Her husband, Casey Hopper, also has many tattoos on his body.

For the unversed, Hopper is the lead guitarist for Katy Perry's band. In 2019, he posted a photo of his new eagle tattoo, which he got with his bandmates. He did not explain the reason behind getting the matching ink, but an eagle represents opportunities in tattoo culture. 

This probably means the bandmates were celebrating new opportunities or hoping for more. 

That was the only time he mentioned his tattoo openly. Other times, like his wife, the guitarist prefers to cover his body marks with sleeved shirts.