Almost a year ago, Katy Perry’s life changed forever. 

Last year in August, she and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, welcomed baby girl Daisy Dove to the world, and now a year later, during an interaction with On Air With Ryan Seacrest, the singer shared her baby’s latest milestones; baby Daisy was now crawling and even had a tooth.


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She’s crawling, and she has one tooth. It’s barely poked through, though.

The singer jokingly added that her daughter’s teeth resembled hers in a way and admitted that her bottom teeth were “a little interesting,” which gave it character.

The “working mom,” as she accurately described herself in the interview, revealed she was plenty busy with American Idol and her upcoming Las Vegas residency. 

Finding a Balance

The couple has been quite protective of their newborn baby girl and has ensured not to let any pictures of her surface online.

While the two have been parenting their daughter through the pandemic, earlier this month, a source for ET revealed how they were juggling their new role as parents despite their demanding careers.

The source told ET that the couple was doing well and that Perry loved being a mom and being a boss who was elated with her career and motherhood.

They also added how the singer was excited about her Vegas residency. 


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Meanwhile, Bloom has a series of acting projects lined up, including season 2 of his fantasy series, Carnival Row, and the upcoming sci-fi film Needle in a Timestack.

Bloom will also lend his voice in Gary Janetti’s upcoming animated sitcom, The Prince, which will air on HBO Max.

The source added that the couple was more focused on balancing their career commitments and parenthood endeavors while also nurturing their relationship rather than planning their wedding which was canceled due to the pandemic. 

It looks like they'll be waiting before they helm the title of husband and wife. And that's alright. 

Best Decision Ever

Despite the couple’s hectic schedule, Perry couldn’t be happier about her new life. A few months ago, on Jimmy Kimmel Livethe singer revealed that starting a family with Bloom was the best decision she ever made in her entire life. 

The ‘Roar’ singer shared that Bloom was right by her side, holding her hand and looking into her eyes while she gave birth.

He also gave advice to Perry about child-rearing because this wasn't Bloom's first rodeo. He is the father of a 10-year-son whom he shares with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

So, as much as I was a little bit like, ‘I don’t need to hear all those stories,’ they actually helped.  Like, 'Oh, you’ve had a run at this. You know how to do this.'

Perry could not stop gushing about her new life and her fiancé. But she also noted that no matter how experienced Bloom was, nothing could have truly prepared her for everything motherhood threw her way.

The American Idol judge delivered not only Daisy, but she also had a new album release scheduled at the same time, which usually calls for a grand celebration.

Despite the difficulties, Perry admitted she loved every moment.