Alex Cooper is getting more and more vocal about the secrets behind her flawless looks.

After admitting to photoshopping her pictures that made their way to socials and promising never to do it again, Cooper is back with a revelation. 

In the recent episode of her Call Her Daddy podcast dated November 28, 2021, Cooper confessed she spent a considerable time looking her best, getting her hair done, and spray-tan.

Interestingly, she also got candid about the cosmetic procedures she had undergone to enhance her beauty.

Alex Cooper Got Botox in New York

For years, rumors were rife that Cooper had done plastic surgery and even had Botox to get radiant skin. So in the podcast, the host set the records straight for once and for all.

She announced out loud that "for the first time" in her life, she had gotten Botox and further declared she used the filler on her forehead. 

As per her accounts, she got the Botox during her recent trip to New York. "I was freaking," she recalled the session and recounted how a woman consoled her, saying, "you are gong to be fine. It's a prick."

Though she didn't pass out, Cooper remembered being light-headed.

Cooper Says She Can't Have Implants 

Just before the revelation, Cooper confessed she had vasovagal syncope, a condition where one can faint because of the sight of blood, extreme excitement, or fear. 

"For my entire life, I have passed out on needles and blood," the podcaster stated before sharing that her mother had the same condition. 

She reasoned she couldn't get intrauterine devices for birth control because of the same. She shared she couldn't live knowing that something was inside her body.

Consequently, she had to stick to pills for the birth control measure, which left adverse effects on her skin and her period of pain.

After opening about her issue, the 27-year-old also clarified that she could never have breast implants because of that.

She reasoned the vasovagal nerve wouldn't let her enjoy the moments. 

Instead, even the mere thought of feeling something inside her skin would make her life difficult. All in all, the social media influencer ruled out all possibilities of getting implants in the future. 

Interestingly, the Pennsylvania native had also denied having plastic surgery back in 2018.

While answering the burning question from her fans and followers, she refuted to have gone under the knife to enhance her body shape. Instead, she stated that her picture on the podcast's cover picture was photoshopped.